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Battle o Agincourt

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Battle o Agincourt
Pairt o The Hunder Years' War

The Battle o Agincourt, 15t-century miniatur
Date25 October 1415 (Saunt Crispin's Day)
LocationAgincourt, Pas-de-Calais, Fraunce
50°27′49″N 2°8′30″E / 50.46361°N 2.14167°E / 50.46361; 2.14167Coordinates: 50°27′49″N 2°8′30″E / 50.46361°N 2.14167°E / 50.46361; 2.14167
Result Decisive Inglis victory
Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Fraunce
Commanders an leaders
Modren estimates range frae 6,000[1] tae 9,000[2]
(see Nummers at Agincourt.) About ​56 longbow archers, ​16 dismounted knights and men-at-arms in heavy armour.
Modren estimates range frae 12,000 (ootnummerin the Inglis 4–3).[2] tae 36,000 (ootnummerin the Inglis 6–1;[3] see Nummers at Agincourt.)
Aboot 10,000 knichts an men-at-airms (o which aboot 1,200 war moontit), unkent thoosands o ither infantry, crossbowmen an airchers.
Casualties an losses
At least 112 dead, unkent woondit[3] 7,000–10,000 (maistly killed) an aboot 1,500 noble prisoners[4]

The Battle o Agincourt wis a major Inglis veectory in the Hunder Years' War.

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