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Faroese fowk

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Faroese fowk
Faroese fowk dancers, in naitional onpits.
Tot population
c. 70,000
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Faroe Islands≈50,000[1]
Faroese, Dens (Gøtudanskt accent)
Lutheranism (Kirk o the Faroe Islands)
Historically also the Norse releegion and Roman Catholicism (1000–1538)
Relatit ethnic groups
Icelanders, Norwegians, Dens, Shetlanders, Orcadians, Erse, Ingles, Scots, Swades
North Germanic fowks or Celts

Faroese fowk or Faroe Islanders (Faroese: føroyingar, Dens: færinger) are a Northwastren European ethnic group an naition native tae the Faroe Islands. The Faroese are o mixt Norse an Gaelic origins.

Aboot 21,000 Faroese bide in neebourin kintras, particular in Denmark, Iceland an Norawa. Maist Faroese are ceetizens of the Kinrick o Denmark, in whilk the Faroe Islands are a constituent kintra. The Faroese leid is yin o the North Germanic leids and is closely relatit tae Icelandic an tae wastren Norse varieties.

  1. Accordin tae a 2009 estimate, the population o the Faroe Islands wis 49,000, ~92% o that population wis Faroese born, whilk is aboot 45,000. (See demographics o the Faroe Islands)
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