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 · Na Gaeil · Na Gàidheil · Ny Gaeil
Auries that war lingueestically an culturally Gaelic in the medieval, early modren, and modren eras (green); daurker shades seegnifee a langer an stranger presence
Tot population
c. 1.9 million (linguistic)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Ireland1,770,000 (lingueestic)[1]
United Kingdom122,518 (lingueestic)[2]
United States27,475 (lingueestic)[3]
Canada9,000 (lingueestic)[4]
Australia2,717 (lingueestic)[5]
New Zealand670 (lingueestic)
Gaelic leids
(Erse · Scots Gaelic · Manx)
an aw non-Gaelic Inglis an Scots
Christianity · Irreleegion (historic: Paganism)
Relatit ethnic groups
Norse-Gaels · Gaelicised Normans

The Gaels (/ɡlz/; Erse: Na Gaeil [ɡeːl]; Scots Gaelic: Na Gàidheil [ˈkɛː.el]; Manx: Ny Gaeil [ge:l]) are an ethnolinguistic group native tae Ireland, Scotland an the Isle o Man in northwastren Europe.[a]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Oreegin an migration theories aboot the Gaelic fowks vary, as dae thae aboot the Gaels as veectims o colonisation an the roles o the colonists.[6][7][8]

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