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European Atomic Energy Commonty

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:::   Member states :::   Pairteecipatin associatit state
  Member states
  Pairteecipatin associatit state
Administrative bodyEuropean Commission
Offeecial leids24 leids
TeepInternaitional organisation
Members28 EU member states
1 associatit state
1 Januar 1958
1 Julie 1967

The European Atomic Energy Commonty (EAEC or Euratom) is an internaitional organisation foondit in 1957 wi the purpose o crautin a specialist mercat for nuclear pouer in Europe, developin nuclear energy an distributin it tae its member states while sellin the surplus tae non-member states. It is legally distinct frae the European Union (EU), but haes the same membership, an is govrened bi mony o the EU's institutions. Syne 2014, Swisserland haes an aa pairteecipatit in Euratom programmes as an associatit state.[1]


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