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Daugavpils (Aboot this soond ˈdaʊɡaʊpils ) is the seicont lairgest ceety in Latvie. It is locatit approximately 230 km south-east o the Latvian caipital, Riga, on the banks o the Daugava River, frae which the ceety gets its name. Daugavpils literally means "Castle on the Daugava." Daugavpils haes a favorable geographical position as it borders Belaroushie an Lithuanie (distances of 33 and 25 km respectively). It is locatit some 120 km frae the Latvian border wi Roushie. Daugavpils is a big railway junction an industry centre.

The ceety is surroondit bi mony lakes an nature pairks.

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Central pedestrian street Rīgas iela.

Daugavpils is twinned wi:

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