Zilupe Municipality

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Zilupe Municipality

Zilupes novads
Coat of airms o Zilupe Municipality
Coat airms
Zilupes novada karte.png
Kintra Latvie
 • MayorOļegs Agafonovs
 • Total308.9 km2 (119.3 sq mi)
 • Total3,799
 • Density12/km2 (32/sq mi)

Zilupe Municipality (Latvie: Zilupes novads) is a municipality in the historical region o Latgale, an the Latgale Plannin Region in Latvie. The municipality wis formit in 2002 bi mergin Zaļesje Pairish and Zilupe. In 2009 it absorbit Lauderi Pairish an Pasiene Pairish, the admeenistrative centre bein Zilupe. Amangst touns an veelages are: Zilupe, Lauderi, Zaļesje an Pasiene.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ethnic composition[eedit | eedit soorce]

As o 1 Januar 2010 the ethnic composition o the municipality is as follaes:[3]

Ethnic group Nummer %
Roushies 2014 54,23 %
Latvies 879 23,67 %
Belaroushies 605 16,23 %
Poles 88 2,37 %
Ukrainians 61 1,64 %
Ithers 68 1,83 %

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