Ludza Municipality

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Ludza Municipality

Ludzas novads
Banner o Ludza Municipality
Coat o airms o Ludza Municipality
Coat o airms
Ludzas novada karte.png
Kintra Latvie
 • MayorAlīna Gendele (Ms)
 • Total964.8 km2 (372.5 sq mi)
 • Tot15,986
 • Density17/km2 (43/sq mi)

Ludza Municipality (Latvie: Ludzas novads) is a municipality in Latgale, Latvie. The municipality wis formit in 2009 bi mergin Briģi pairish, Cirma pairish, Isnauda pairish, Istra pairish, Nirza pairish, Ņukši pairish, Pilda pairish, Pureņi pairish, Rundēni pairish an Ludza toun the admeenistrative centre bein Ludza.

The municipality is locatit 267 km frae the caipital o Latvie - Riga, bi the Latvie-Roushie border, i.e. bi the border o the European Union wi the Roushie Federation.

The territory o the municipality is crossed bi the road o internaitional importance Riga-Moscow an bi the railwey Riga-Moscow.

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Coordinates: 56°33′N 27°43′E / 56.550°N 27.717°E / 56.550; 27.717