Civita Castellana

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Civita Castellana
Comune di Civita Castellana
Piazza Matteotti in Civita Castellana bi nicht.
Piazza Matteotti in Civita Castellana bi nicht.
Civita Castellana is located in Italy
Civita Castellana
Civita Castellana
Location o Civita Castellana in Italy
Coordinates: 42°17′N 12°24′E / 42.283°N 12.400°E / 42.283; 12.400Coordinates: 42°17′N 12°24′E / 42.283°N 12.400°E / 42.283; 12.400
ProvinceViterbo (VT)
FrazioniBorghetto, Pian Paradiso, Sassacci
 • MayorGianluca Angelelli
 • Total83.28 km2 (32.15 sq mi)
145 m (476 ft)
 • Total16,722
 • Density200/km2 (520/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Diallin code0761
Patron sauntSts. John an Marcianus
Saunt daySeptember 16
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Civita Castellana is a toun an comune in the province o Viterbo, 65 kilometre (40 mi) north o Roum.

Munt Soracte lees aboot 10 kilometre (6 mi) tae the sooth-east.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Civita Castellana wis settled durin the Airn Age bi the Italic fowk o the Falisci, who cried it Falerii. Efter the Faliscan defeat against the Romans, a new ceety wis built bi the latter, aboot 5 kilometre (3 mi) awa, an cried Falerii Novi.

The abandoned ceety wis repopulatit at beginnin in the early Middle Ages, wi the new name o Civita Castellana (roughly translatit as "Ceety o the Castle") mentioned first in 994. In the follaein hunderyears the ceety wis a flourishin unthirlt commune, aften contendit bi the Pape an the Holy Roman Empire. Captured bi Pape Paschal II at the beginnin o the 12t hunderyear, the ceety wis gien as fief tae the Savelli bi Pape Gregory XIV.

Pape Sixtus IV assigned the ceety tae Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, the futur Pape Alexander VI, who stairtit the construction o the Rocca ("Castle"), which wis completit unner Pape Julius II.

Civita Castellana became a important road hub wi the connection tae the Via Flaminia (1606) an the construction o Ponte Clementino efter the French victory against a Neapolitan airmy in 1709.

Main sichts[eedit | eedit soorce]

The cathedral o Santa Maria di Pozzano (Santa Maria Maggiore) possesses a fine portico, erectit in 1210 bi Laurentius Romanus, his son Jacobus an his grandson Cosmas, in the Cosmatesque style, wi auncient columns an mosaic decorations. The interior wis modrenisit in the 18t hunderyear, but haes some fragments o Cosmatesque ornamentation. The heich altar is made oot o a Paleo-Christian sarcophagus o the 3rd or 4t hunderyear. The auncient crpyt an the auld sacristy are hame tae examples o central Italian medieval airt an aw.

The kirk o Santa Chiara has a Renaissance portal frae 1529, while the Kirk o the Carmine haes a notewirthy, smaw belltouer frae the 12t hunderyear, includin antique Roman elements.

The Rocca (citadel) wis erectit bi Alexander VI frae the designs o Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, ower pre-existin fortifications, an enlairgit bi Julius II an Leo X.

Ponte Clementino, the brig bi which the toun is approached, dates tae the 18t hunderyear.

The toun conteens the ruins o the Castle o Paterno an aw, whaur, on 23 Januar 1002, Emperor Otto III dee'd at the age o 22.

The Naitional Museum o the Faliscan Kintraside conteens fyndins frae the auncient Falerii an the surroondin auries.

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