Austen Chamberlain

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Sir Austen Chamberlain

Secretar o State for Foreign Affairs
In office
3 November 1924 – 4 Juin 1929
Prime MeenisterStanley Baldwin
Precedit biRamsay MacDonald
Succeedit biArthur Henderson
Chancellor o the Exchequer
In office
9 October 1903 – 4 December 1905
Prime MeenisterArthur Balfour
Precedit biCharles Thomson Ritchie
Succeedit biHerbert Henry Asquith
In office
10 Januar 1919 – 1 Aprile 1921
Prime MeenisterDavid Lloyd George
Precedit biAndrew Bonar Law
Succeedit biSir Robert Horne
Secretary o State for Indie
In office
25 Mey 1915 – 17 Julie 1917
Prime MeenisterHerbert Henry Asquith
David Lloyd George
Precedit biThe Marquess o Crewe
Succeedit biEdwin Samuel Montagu
Lord Privy Seal
Leader o the Hoose o Commons
In office
1 Aprile 1921 – 23 October 1922
Prime MeenisterDavid Lloyd George
Precedit biAndrew Bonar Law
Succeedit biLord Robert Cecil
First Lord o the Admiralty
In office
24 August – 5 November 1931
Prime MeenisterRamsay MacDonald
Precedit biA.V. Alexander
Succeedit biSir Bolton Eyres-Monsell
In office
11 August 1902 – 9 October 1903
Prime MeenisterArthur Balfour
Precedit biThe Marquess of Londonderry
Succeedit biLord Stanley
Personal details
Born16 October 1863(1863-10-16)
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd17 Mairch 1937(1937-03-17) (aged 73)
Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick

Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain, KG (16 October 1863 – 17 Mairch 1937) wis a Breetish statesman, recipient o the Nobel Peace Prize, an hauf-brither o Neville Chamberlain.

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