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Robert Cecil, 1st Viscoont Cecil o Chelwood

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The Viscount Cecil o Chelwood

Unner-Secretar o State for Foreign Affairs
In office
30 Mey 1915 – 10 Januar 1919
MonarchGeorge V
Prime MeenisterH. H. Asquith (till 5 December 1915)
David Lloyd George
Precedit biHon. Neil Primrose
Succeedit biCecil Harmsworth
Laird Privy Seal
In office
28 Mey 1923 – 22 Januar 1924
MonarchGeorge V
Prime MeenisterStanley Baldwin (1st meenistry)
Precedit biAusten Chamberlain
Succeedit biJ. R. Clynes
Chancellor o the Duchy o Lancaster
In office
10 November 1924 – 19 October 1927
MonarchGeorge V
Prime MeenisterStanley Baldwin (2nt meenistry)
Precedit biJosiah Wedgwood
Succeedit biThe Lord Cushendum
Personal details
Born14 September 1864(1864-09-14)
Cavendish Square, Lunnon
Dee'd24 November 1958(1958-11-24) (aged 94)
Danehill, East Sussex
Poleetical pairtyConservative
Spoose(s)Lady Eleanor Lambton
EddicationEton College
University College, Oxford
ReligionKirk o Ingland
AwairdsNobel Peace Prize (1937)

Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscoont Cecil o Chelwood CH PC QC (14 September 1864 – 24 November 1958), kent as Laird Robert Cecil frae 1868 tae 1923,[1] wis a lawyer, politeecian an diplomat in Great Breetain. He wis ane o the airchitects o the League o Naitions an a defender o it, whase service tae the organisation saw him awairdit the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. As the younger son o a Marquess, Cecil held the coortesy teetle o "Laird". Houever, he wisna a peer in his ain richt till he wis made a Viscoont in 1923, an wis thus eligible tae sit in the Hoose o Commons atween 1906 an 1923.