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Nobel Peace Prize

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Nobel Peace Prize
Awairdit forOotstaundin contreibutions in
Presentit biNorwegian Nobel Committee on
behauf o the estate o
Alfred Nobel
First awairdit1901
Offeecial wabsteidNobelprize.org

The Nobel Peace Prize (Norwegian an Swadish: Nobels fredspris) is ane o the five Nobel Prizes creatit bi the Swadish industrialist, inventor, an armaments manufacturer Alfred Nobel, alang wi the prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, an Leeteratur. Syne 1901, it haes been awairdit annually (wi some exceptions) tae those who hae "duin the maist or the best wirk for fraternity atween naitions, for the abolition or reduction o staundin airmies an for the haulding an promotion o peace congresses."[1]

Per Alfred Nobel's will, the recipient is selectit bi the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a 5-member committee appyntit bi the Parliament o Norawa. Syne 1990, the prize is awairdit on December 10 in Oslo City Hall each year. The prize wis formerly awairdit in the Atrium o the Varsity o Oslo Faculty o Law (1947–89), the Norwegian Nobel Institute (1905–46) an the Parliament (1901–04).

Due tae its poleetical naitur, the Nobel Peace Prize haes, for maist o its history, been the subject o controversies.

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