Artemisa Province

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Artemisa Province
Province o Cuba
Kintra Cuba
Caipital Artemisa
Municipalities Mariel, Guanajay, Caimito, Bauta, San Antonio de los Baños, Güira de Melena, Alquízar, Artemisa, Candelaria, San Cristóbal, Bahía Honda
 • Tot 4,004.27 km2 (1,546.06 sq mi)
Highest elevation 699 m (2,293 ft)
Population (2010-12-31)[1]
 • Tot 502,312
 • Density 130/km2 (320/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Area code(s) +53-47

Artemisa Province is ane o twa new provinces in Cuba, which creation wis appruivit bi the Cuban Naitional Assembly (1 August 2010) bi splittin umwhile La Habana Province.[2][3][4]

Artemisa wis the lairgest ceety an municipality o the umwhile La Habana province. The newly formit province comprises the 8 western municipalities of La Habana, and incorporates 3 eastern municipalities from the neighbour Pinar del Río province (Bahía Honda, Candelaria and San Cristóbal). The capital and largest city is Artemisa (44,000 pop.).

The new province is anerlie lairger than Havana ceety an Mayabeque, but wi mair population that ither fower Cuban provinces. It is the maist densely populatit, efter Havana ceety an Santiago de Cuba.

The economy o the Artemisa province is based mainly on agricultur (fruits, potatoes, rice, vegetables, sugar cane) an industry o biggin materials (twa cement factories), fuid processin industry an pouer plants. It comprises the important port o Mariel in the northren coast. The province is important an aw in the militar sector wi the main Cuban Air Force base (San Antonio de los Baños) the Wastren base o the Cuban Navy (Cabañas Bay) an the Militar Academy (College) "Antonio Maceo" in Caimito.

The new provinces wur enforcit on 1 Januar 2011.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map of Artemisa Province. Deep yellae color indicates former municipalities o Pinar del Río Province
Road Map o Artemisa Province
Municipality km² Population
Mariel 270.85 44,786
Guanajay 110.26 28,750
Caimito 239.4 39,304
Bauta 155.13 48,024
San Antonio de los Baños 126.37 49,942
Güira de Melena 199.22 39,821
Alquízar 194.36 32,501
Artemisa 688.7 82,917
Bahía Honda 784.14 45,124
Candelaria 301.42 20,283
San Cristóbal 934.4 70,940
Total 4,004.27 502,392

Source: Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas 2010[5]

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