Cienfuegos Province

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Cienfuegos Province
Cienfuegos in Cuba.svg
 • Total4186.60 km2 (1,616.46 sq mi)
 • Total405,481
 • Density97/km2 (250/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-43

Cienfuegos is ane o the provinces o Cuba. The caipital ceety o the province is cried Cienfuegos an aw, an wis foondit bi French settlers in 1819.

Cienfuegos is the smawest province in Cuba wi an economy amaist entirely dedicatit tae the growin an processin o succar. Succar mills an succarcane plantations dot the landscape. There are watterfaws in the sierra o the province.

Scuba divin aff Cienfuegos province is extremely popular baith wi tourists an locals. There are numerous unnerwatter caves, an well ower 50 dive steids in the province.

The provinces o Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus, an Villa Clara wur ance aw pairt o the nou defunct province o Santa Clara.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Municipality Population
Location Remarks
Abreus 30,330 564 22°16′50″N 80°34′4″W / 22.28056°N 80.56778°W / 22.28056; -80.56778 (Abreus)
Aguada de Pasajeros 31,687 680 22°23′5″N 80°50′46″W / 22.38472°N 80.84611°W / 22.38472; -80.84611 (Aguada de Pasajeros)
Cienfuegos 163,824 333 22°08′45″N 80°26′11″W / 22.14583°N 80.43639°W / 22.14583; -80.43639 (Cienfuegos) Provincial capital
Cruces 32,139 198 22°20′32″N 80°16′34″W / 22.34222°N 80.27611°W / 22.34222; -80.27611 (Cruces)
Cumanayagua 51,435 1,099 22°09′9″N 80°12′4″W / 22.15250°N 80.20111°W / 22.15250; -80.20111 (Cumanayagua)
Lajas 22,602 430 22°24′59″N 80°17′26″W / 22.41639°N 80.29056°W / 22.41639; -80.29056 (Lajas)
Palmira 33,153 318 22°14′40″N 80°23′39″W / 22.24444°N 80.39417°W / 22.24444; -80.39417 (Palmira)
Rodas 33,477 552 22°20′34″N 80°33′19″W / 22.34278°N 80.55528°W / 22.34278; -80.55528 (Rodas)
Cairt aw coordinates uisin: OpenStreetMap · Google Maps
Dounlaid coordinates as: KML · GPX
Source: Population frae 2004 Census.[2] Aurie frae 1976 municipal re-distribution.[3]

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2004, the province o Cienfuegos haed a population o 398,647.[2] Wi a total aurie o 4,180 km2 (1,610 sq mi),[4] the province haed a population densitie o 95.37/km2 (247.0/sq mi).

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