Mayabeque Province

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Mayabeque Province
Province o Cuba
Mayabeque in Cuba.svg
Kintra Cuba
Caipital San José de las Lajas
Municipalities San José de las Lajas, Jaruco, Santa Cruz del Norte, Madruga, Nueva Paz, Güines, Melena del Sur, Quivicán, Batabanó, San Nicolás de Bari, Bejucal
 • Tot 3,732.73 km2 (1,441.22 sq mi)
Population (2010-12-31)[1]
 • Tot 381,385
 • Density 100/km2 (260/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Aurie code(s) +53-47

Mayabeque Province is ane o twa new provinces in Cuba, which creation wis appruivit bi the Cuban Naitional Assembly on 1 August 2010 bi splittin La Habana Province.[2][3] Mayabeque comprises the 11 eastren municipalities o La Habana province wi the caipital in San José de las Lajas. Mayabeque province takes its name frae the Mayabeque river (the lairgest in this territory) as well as, frae the Mayabeque beach, in the sooth shore, the place in which is believit the oreeginal Havana veelage (San Cristóbal de La Habana) wis foondit in 1514.[4]

Thus, the new province becomes the smawest (excludin Havana ceety province) an least populatit in the kintra. The new provinces wur enforcit on 1 Januar 2011.

Mayabeque's economy is based on Agricultur (potatoes, fruits, vegetables, sugar cane) an livestock fermin, pairticularly milk production. It haes a relevant industry sector an aw, mainly in San José de las Lajas an Santa Cruz del Norte (biggin materials, electrical cables, rubber industry, glass vessels an ceramics, fuid processin, paper processin, sugar mills, twa lairge rum factories (Havana Club brand), biopharmaceuticals (in Bejucal), fishin products, pouer plants an ile an gas extraction). It haes important scientific institutions anaw an university in the field o agricultural science.

Municipalities o Mayabeque Province[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o Mayabeque Province
Road map o Mayabeque Province
Municipality km² Population hab./km²
Bejucal 116.36 26,966 231.7
San José de las Lajas 592.67 74,186 125.2
Jaruco 275.9 25,135 91.1
Santa Cruz del Norte 379.38 34,216 90.2
Madruga 459.58 29,805 64.9
Nueva Paz 522.8 25,471 48.7
San Nicolás 228.86 20,695 90.4
Güines 433.09 67,919 156.8
Melena del Sur 233.56 20,646 88.4
Batabanó 263.43 26,944 102.3
Quivicán 227.1 29,463 129.7
Total 3,732.73 381,446 102.2

Source: Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas e Instituto de Planificación Física/2010 [5]

The maist populatit ceeties are Güines (42 000 hab.) an San José de las Lajas (37 000 hab.)

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Coordinates: 22°58′5″N 82°09′21″W / 22.96806°N 82.15583°W / 22.96806; -82.15583 (Mayabeque Province)