Zaki al-Arsuzi

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Zakī al-Arsūzī
Born Juin 1899
Latakia, Ottoman Sirie
Died 2 Julie 1966(1966-07-02) (aged 67)
Damascus, Sirie
Era 20t century filosofie
Region Eastren filosofie
Schuil Ba'athism, Arab naitionalism
Main interests
Politics, filosofie, sociology, naitionalism, filologie, history
Notable ideas
Co-foonder o Ba'athism (wi Aflaq an al-Bitar), The Genius of Arabic in its Tongue

Zakī al-Arsūzī (in Arabic: زكي الأرسوزي; Latakia, Juin 1899 – Damascus, 2 Julie 1968) wis a Sirie philosopher, filologist, sociologist, historian, an Arab naitionalist. His ideas played a significant role in the development o Ba'athism an its poleetical muivement. He published several beuks durin his lifetime, the maist notable being The Genius of Arabic in its Tongue (1943).

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