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Michel Aflaq

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Michel Aflaq (Arabic: ميشيل عفلقʿAflaq, born Damascus 1910, dee'd Paris, 23 Juin 1989) wis a Sirie philosopher an poleetician who wis creditit for foondin o Ba’athism, a form o Arab naitionalism which wis combined wi Arab socialism.

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in Damascus tae a middle class Greek Antiochian Orthodox Christian family, Aflaq wis first educatit in the wastrenized schools o French Mandate o Sirie an Lebanon. He then went tae university at the Sorbonne in Paris, wi Salah al-Din al-Bitar. Durin their student days in Paris in the early 1930s, the twa wirked thegither tae formulate a doctrine that combined aspects o naitionalism an socialism. They developed their Arab naitionalist ideals, eventually attemptin tae combine socialism wi the veesion o a Pan-Arab naition. In his poleetical pursuits, Aflaq became committit tae Arab unity an the freein o the Arab warld frae Wastren colonialism.

Upon returnin tae Sirie, Aflaq an Bitar became schuil teachers an wur active in poleetical circles. Aflaq an Bitar are the foonders o the Arab Ba'ath Pairty in the early 1940s.