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Varsity o Paris

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Coordinates: 48°50′55″N 2°20′36″E / 48.84861°N 2.34333°E / 48.84861; 2.34333

Varsity o Paris
L'Université de Paris
Laitin: Universitas magistrorum et scholarium Parisiensis
MottoHic et ubique terrarum (Laitin)
Motto in Scots
Here an onywhaur on Yird
TeepCorporative frae c. 1150 tae 1793 an public frae 1896 tae 1970
ActiveCirca 1150–1793, 1896–1970 (1970)
LocationParis, Fraunce

The Varsity o Paris (French: L'Université de Paris), eften kent as the Sorbonne or la Sorbonne, wis notit as ane o the first varsities tae be established in Europe.