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The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Pairty (an aa spelled Ba'th or Baath which means "resurrection" or "renaissance" (reddyah); Arabic: حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي‎) wis a secularist poleetical pairty wi strang socialist an Arab nationalist interests, opposed tae what it sees as "Wastren imperialism" an cawin for the "renaissance" or "resurrection" o the Arab Warld an its unity in ane unitit state.[1] Its motto — "Unity, Liberty, Socialism" (wahda, hurriya, ishtirakiya) — refers tae Arab unity, freedom frae non-Arab control an interference, an Arab socialism rather than tae European socialism, or communism.

The pairty wis foondit in Damascus, Sirie in 1940 bi the Sirian intellectuals Michel Aflaq, an Salah al-Din al-Bitar, an syne its inception haes established branches in different Arab kintras, awtho the anerlie kintras it haes iver held pouer in are Sirie an Iraq.

In 1966 a coup d'état bi the military against the historical leadership o Aflaq an al-Bitar led the Sirie an Iraqi pairties tae split intae rival organisations — the Qotri (or Regionalist) Sirie-based pairty an the Qawmi (or Naitionalist) Iraq-based pairty. Baith Ba'ath pairties retained the same name an maintained parallel structurs in the Arab Warld, but became sae antagonistic that the Sirie Ba'ath regime became the anerlie Arab govrenment tae support non-Arab Iran against Iraq durin the Iran–Iraq War.

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