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Yazd Province

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Map o Iran wi Yazd heichlichtit

Yazd (Persie: استان یزد‎) is ane o the 30 provinces o Iran. It is in the centre o the kintra, an its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Yazd.

The province haes an aurie o 131,575 km², an accordin tae the maist recent diveesions o the kintra, is dividit intae eleiven coonties: Maybod, Mehreez, Taft, Ardakan, Behabad, Khatam, Sadogh, Bafq, Abar Kooh, Tabas an Yazd, the caipital. Accordin tae the 1996 census, Yazd province haed a population o aboot 750,769, o which 75.1% wur urban residents while 24.9% residit in rural auries. In 2006, Yazd haed an estimatit population o 1,033,291.[1] The ceety o Yazd is the economic an admeenistrative caipital o the province an therefore the maist hivily populatit.


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