Fars Province

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Fars Province
استان فارس
Map o Iran wi Fars heichlichtit
Location o Fars athin Iran
Kintra  Iran
Caipital Shiraz
Coonties 23
 • Total 122,608 km2 (47,339 sq mi)
Population (2006)[1]
 • Tot 4,569,292
 • Density 37/km2 (97/sq mi)
Time zone IRST (UTC+03:30)
 • Simmer (DST) IRST (UTC+04:30)
Main leid(s) Persie
Dialects o Fars

Fars Province ([استان فارس Ostān-e Fārs] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help) pronooncit /fɑː(r)s/), umwhile spelt Pars, is ane o the 30 provinces an kent as Cultural Caipital o Iran. It is in the sooth o the kintra an its center is Shiraz. It haes an aurie o 122,400 km². In 2006, this province haed a population o 4.34 million fowk, o which 61.2% wur registered as urban dwellers, 38.1% veelagers, an 0.7% nomad tribes.[1]

Fars or Pars is the oreeginal hameland o the Persie fowk. The native name o the Persie leid is Fârsi or Pârsi. Persie an Persie baith derive frae the Hellenized form Πέρσις Persis o the ruit wird Pârs. The Auld Persie wird wis Pârsâ.

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