Qazvin Province

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Location o Qazvin athin Iran

The Qazvin Province (Persie: استان قزوین‎, Ostān-e Qazvīn ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It is in the north-wast o the kintra, an its center is the ceety o Qazvin. The province wis creatit in 1993 oot o pairt o Tehran Province an includes 20 ceeties: Qazvin, Takestan, Abyek, Buin-Zahra, Eqhbalieh, Mohammadieh, Alvand, Esfarvarin, Mahmood Abad Nemooneh, Khoram Dasht, Ziä Abad, Avaj, Shäl, Danesfahan, Abgarm, Ardägh, Moallem Keläyeh, Razmian Kouhin an Bidestan in the form o fower tounships (chief ceeties) contains 18 sections, 44 rural destricts, an 1543 veelages.

The province haed a population o 1.14 million fowk bi the 2006 census, o which 68.05% lived in ceeties an 31.95% in veelages. The ratio o men tae weemen is 50.7 tae 49.3%. 99.61% o the province population wur Muslims an 0.39% o the rest came frae ither releegions. The literacy rate is ower 82%, rankin 7t in Iran.

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