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Map o Iran wi Semnān heichlichtit

Semnan Province (Persie: استان سمنان‎, Ostān-e Semnān ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It is in the north o the kintra, an its center is Semnan. The province o Semnan covers an aurie o 96,816 square kilometers an stretches alang the Alborz muntain range an borders tae Dasht-e Kavir desert in its soothren pairts.

Coonties o the province include Semnan, Damghan, Shahrood, Mehdishahr (Sangsar) an Garmsar. In 1996, the province haed a population o aboot 501,000, an in 2005 Semnan ceety (the caipital o the province) haed a population o 119,778, an the ceety o Shahroud, which accoonts for being the lairgest ceety o this province, haed a population o 231,831. [1]

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map Shahrestan Map Key Bakhsh Center
Damghan D Central Damghan
a Amir Abad
Garmsar G Central Garmsar
a Aradan
e Eyvanakey
Mehdishahr m Central Mehdishahr
' Shahmirzad
Semnan S Central Semnan
s Sorkheh
Shahrood Sh Central Shahrood
bd Biarjmand
bm Mayami
m Bastam
Neighbor Provinces: E: Esfahan, G: Golestan, M: Mazandaran, NKh: North Khorasan, Q: Qom, RKh: Razavi Khorasan, T: Tehran, Y: Yazd

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