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Kerman Province

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Location o Kerman Province in Iran

Kerman Province (Persie: استان کرمان‎, Ostān-e Kermān ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. Kerman is locatit in the sooth-east o Iran wi its admeenistrative center in the ceety o Kerman. Mentioned in auncient times as the Achamenid satrapy o Carmania [1], it is the seicont lairgest province o Iran wi an area o 180,726 km². [1]. The population o the province is aboot 2.65 million. The main tounships o Kerman province are: Baft, Bardsir, Bam, Jiroft, Rafsanjan, Zarand, Sirjan, Shahr-e-Babak, Kerman, Mahan, Rayen , Kahnuj, Ghale-Ganj, Manujan, Roodbar-e-Jonob, Anbar Abad, an Ravar.

In the year 1996, 52.9% o Kerman's population lived in urban areas, an 46% in the rural vicinities, the remainin 1.1% accoontit as non residents. The ceety o Kerman (population: 400,000) embraces aboot 80% o the urban population, being the maist developed an lairgest ceety o the province.

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