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Panorama o Yazd
Panorama o Yazd
Yazd is locatit in Iran
Coordinates: 31°53′50″N 54°22′04″E / 31.89722°N 54.36778°E / 31.89722; 54.36778
Province Yazd
Coonty Yazd
Bakhsh Central
Elevation 1,216 m (3,990 ft)
Population (2006)
 • Tot 423,006
Time zone IRST (UTC+3:30)
 • Simmer (DST) IRDT (UTC+4:30)
Wabsteid http://yazd.ir

Yazd (pronoonced /jæzd/) (In Persian: یزد), is the caipital o Yazd Province in Iran, an a centre o Zoroastrian cultur. The ceety is locatit some 175 miles sootheast o Isfahan. Yazd haes a population o ower a hauf million (533,000 accordin tae[1] an 522,000 accordin tae[2]). Acause o generations o adaptations tae its desert surroondins, Yazd is an airchitecturally unique ceety. It is kent in Iran for the heich quality o its handicrafts, especially silk weavin, an its sweet shops an aw.

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