Villa Nueva, Guatemala

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Villa Nueva
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Coordinates: 14°31′37″N 90°35′15″W / 14.52694°N 90.58750°W / 14.52694; -90.58750
KintraFlag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
 • Total710,218

Villa Nueva is a municipality in the Guatemala department o Guatemala. Villa Nueva is locatit 16 kilometres (10 mi) sooth o Guatemala Ceety an haes a population o 710,218 fowk,[1] makin it the seicont lairgest ceety in Guatemala, efter Guatemala Ceety. It wis foondit on 17 Aprile 1763, lang afore Guatemala declared its unthirldom frae the Spaingie Empire. The local economy lairgely depends on industry, wi the municipality haein some 25 factories that produce such products as textiles, metallurgical guids, an plastics. The aurie's agricultural products include rice, dairy, fruits, an vegetables.

Mayor Salvador Gandara, servin synee 2000, is langleetit for the 2008 Warld Mayor award.[2]

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