San Pedro Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

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San Pedro Sacatepéquez
San Pedro Sacatepéquez is locatit in Guatemala
San Pedro Sacatepéquez
San Pedro Sacatepéquez
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°41′3″N 90°38′39″W / 14.68417°N 90.64417°W / 14.68417; -90.64417
Kintra Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Depairtment Guatemala
Population (2002)
 • Tot 31,503

San Pedro Sacatepéquez is a municipality in the Guatemala depairtment o Guatemala. Accordin tae the 1998 edition o the The Columbia Gazetteer of the World, its elevation is 6,890 ft (2,100 m) an it is a mercat center. Its economy is based on manufacturin, includin tile makkin an textiles, an agricultur, includin the cultivation o corn, black beans, an vegetables.[1]

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