San Miguel Petapa

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San Miguel Petapa
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Coordinates: 14°30′0″N 90°34′0″W / 14.50000°N 90.56667°W / 14.50000; -90.56667
KintraFlag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
 • Total94,228

San Miguel Petapa is a municipality in the Guatemala depairtment o Guatemala, locatit sooth o Guatemala Ceety. It haes a population o 94,228 accordin tae the 2002 census.[1]

Roman Catholic Kirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Brief Historical Accoonts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Despite their muivement in the 18t Century tae its present place, the releegious relics o the Roman Catholic Kirk wur taken frae the oreeginal settlement, whare its Roman Catholic population it heichlie proud o extendin an invitation tae visit the "Señor Sepultado" (The Buriet Laird) image, which haes a five-century existence.

San Miguel Petapa haes twa main traditional holidays an aw, ane o which is celebratit in Februar an is appointit tae Oor Lady o the Rosary. Besides the solemn procession, thare are praises appearances (popular releegious theatrical plays). The ither holiday is dedicatit tae Saunt Michael (Archangel).

A tradition amangst Ladinos (mestizo fowk) in the municipality, is the Flouers Dance. It consists o a dance in which aw contestants are rollin up, first, an unrollin later in a specific tree. Meanwhile muisic an recitit verses are executit at the same time. This tradition wis begun in the auld Spainyie capital, Santiago de Guatemala (the Antigua Guatemala o present-day) frae whare it wis extendit tae the nearest veelages. Years efter, wis taken tae the new caipital, Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion. The day this fowk dance is executit in ither municipalities o the depairtment o Guatemala, such as San Raymundo, Mixco, San Juan Sacatepequez, San Jose Pinula an Villa Nueva.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

Deportivo Petapa fitbaa club play in the seicont tier o Guatemalan fitbaa. Their hame venue is the Estadio Julio Armando Cobar. An aw, Deportivo Mixco hae uised the stadium while a new stadium o their awn wis built.

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