San José Pinula

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San José Pinula
Main street o San José Pinula, Guatemala (1999)
Main street o San José Pinula, Guatemala (1999)
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Coordinates: 14°32′46″N 90°24′41″W / 14.54611°N 90.41139°W / 14.54611; -90.41139
KintraFlag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
 • Total42,278

San Jose Pinula is a municipality in the Depairtment o Guatemala in the Republic o Guatemala in Central Americae. It is locatit 21 kilometer (13 mi) frae the caipital, Guatemala Ceety. The ceety wis established in 1886 as Villorio San Jose. The ceety is surroondit bi muntains. Till a few years ago, the economy wis based on the growin o corn, as well as some vegetables such as guisquil, chayote or pataste. Housomeivver, the growth o Guatemala Ceety in recent years haes transformit fermlaund intae suburban neebourheids. Gowf courses, such as Hacienda Nueva Country Club an Alta Vista Country Club, baith considered warld-class, are nou in an aroond San Jose Pinula.

The ceety is govrened bi municipal authorities electit ivery fower year. The predominant releegion in the region is Roman Catholic, follaeed bi evangelical Protestant denominations. The Patron Saunt an namesake o the toun is San Jose (St. Joseph), whose day an is annually celebrated on March 19. Currently, the toun o San Jose Pinula is copin wi rapid growth which haes resultit in increased traffic congestion in the fore-nuins an fore-nichts.