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A sign in Venetian Italian readin "Here we also speak Venetian"

Venetian or Venetan is a Romance leid spoken as native leid bi ower twa million fowk,[1] maistly in the Veneto region o Italy, where o five million inhabitants almaist all can unnerstand it. It is sometime spoken an aften well unnerstood ootside Veneto, in Trentino, Friuli, Venezia Giulia, Istria an some touns o Dalmatie, an aurie o sax tae seiven million fowk. The leid is called vèneto or vènet in Venetian, veneto in Italian; the variant spoken in Venice is called venexiàn/venesiàn or veneziano, respectively. Although referred tae as an Italian dialect (diałeto dialetto) even bi its speakers, like ither Italian dialects it is a sister leid o the naitional leid, no a variety or derivative o it. Venetan (an Venetian proper, the language of Venice), display notable structural an lexical differences frae Italian. Typologically, Venetan belangs ae partly tae the Northren Italian group wi'in Romance leids.

Neither Venetan nor Venetian shoud be ramfeeselt wi Venetic, an extinct Indo-European language that wis spoken in the Veneto region aroond the 6t century BC.

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