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Ulstèr-Scotch leid

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A sign in baith Inglis an Scots in Ballyhalbert, Coonty Doun

Ulster Scots, ca'aed Ulstèr-Scotch an Ullans, ïs tha dialect o tha Scotch leid[1] spak ïn Ulster (Norlin Airlan an tha Republic o Airlan). Ït is maistly spak bae tha Ulster-Scots fowk yit mony wirds, lik glaikit an wee, hae been borraed intae the ilkaday speak o ither fowks. Policies at forder Erse an Ulster-Scots is tae be promuived in Norlin Airlan syne 2020.[2] The leid can be pairtit intae three kynds: Westren Ulster Scots in Coonties Derry an Dunnygal, Central Ulster Scots in Coontie Antrim, an Eastren Ulster Scots in Coontie Doun an The Ards.

Speaker population an spreid

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Estimates o the amoont o Ulster Scots spikkers chynge; fae a weel-hertit estimate o anent 100,000 tae a laich ane o aboot 30,000 in the Northren Ireland Life and Times leuk o 1999. Loyalists is mair likely tae spik it than naitionalists[citation needit].

Ulster Scots is spak maistly in east Coonty Antrim, north Coonty Doun, north-east Coonty Lunnonderry, the Laggan aurie o Coonty Donegal an in the fishin veelages o the Mourne coast.

Govrenmental kennin

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A sign for the Männystrie o Fowkgates, Airts an Aisedom o Northren Ireland [3].

North/Sooth Co-operation Order 1999

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In the North/South Co-operation (Implementation Bodies) Northren Ireland Order 1999 Ulster Scots is defined as: the variety of the Scots language which has traditionally been used in parts of Northern Ireland and in Donegal in Ireland.[4]

The defineetion fae the North/South Co-operation (Implementation Bodies) Northren Ireland Order 1999 abuin wis uised in the 1 Julie 2005 Second Periodical Report bi the Unitit Kinrick tae the Secretar General o the Cooncil o Europe shawin hou the UK meets its obligations unner the European Chairter for Regional an Minoritie Leids.[5]

Guid Friday Agreement

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The logo o the Boord o Ulster Scots

The 1998 Guid Friday Agreement awns Ulster Scots as "part of the cultural wealth of the island of Ireland", an established the Ulster-Scots Agency (Tha Boord o Ulstèr-Scotch) an aw. The Northren Ireland Asssemblie, stelt bi the Guid Friday Agreement, gies Ulster Scots speakers information in thair awn leid.[6]

European Chairter for Regional and Minoritie Leids

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The declaration made bi the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment adae wi the European Chairter for Regional an Minoritie Leids is as follaes:

The United Kingdom declares, in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Charter that it recognises that Scots and Ulster Scots meet the Charter's definition of a regional or minority language for the purposes of Part II of the Charter.[7]

Teachin the Ulster Scots leid

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The Institute o Ulster Scots Studies wis established in 2001 bi the Ulster Varsity.[8]

BBC Northren Ireland hae a section on thair wabsteid on learnin Ulster Scots, an the Boord o Ulster Scots hae makkit a few buiks in Ulster Scots.

A Preein o Ulser Scots

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The Muse Dismissed (Hugh Porter 1780–1839)

Be hush'd my Muse, ye ken the morn
Begins the shearing o' the corn,
Whar knuckles monie a risk maun run,
An' monie a trophy's lost an' won,
Whar sturdy boys wi' might and main
Shall camp, till wrists an' thumbs they strain,
While pithless, pantin' wi' the heat,
They bathe their weazen'd pelts in sweat
To gain a sprig o' fading fame,
Before they taste the dear-bought cream—
But bide ye there, my pens an' papers,
For I maun up, an' to my scrapers—
Yet, min', my lass— ye maun return
This very night we cut the churn.
I want hom tha nite tae me ma
an shea sae up da da
Poetry bi Robert Huddlestone (1814-1887) inscribed in a causey stane in Writers' Square, Belfast


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