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Collogue:Ulstèr-Scotch leid

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How is it no cried "Ulster Scots"? Whit wey is it "Scotched"? Bazza 10:34, 18 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

It shoud be, tho this is sairiously scotched ;-) 11:24, 19 Dizember 2006 (UTC)

Dis oniebody ken aboot ony resources for lairnin Ulster Scots? Some o ma grandmither's ancestors wis fae Ulster an A'm interestit in lairnin their leid. Whit are the main differs atween Ulster Scots an ither byleids o Scots oniewey? If oniebody cuild tell me A'd be gey gratefu. :Crazygraham

The Northren Ireland accent. 14:33, 7 Juin 2007 (UTC)[Replie]

In fairness, 84.135, there's mair nor that (dis Ulster Scots no hae inflectit be an forms like binna? amang a few ither grammatical differs -- canna mind nou). A agree tho that there no muckle differ atween Ulster Scots an Central Scots. No shuir aboot lairnin materials, but for an owerview o Ulster Scots A think the maist weel-kent an authoritative wark is Robinson, Philip S. (1997). Ulster-Scots: A Grammar of the Traditional Written and Spoken Language. Ullans Press. Amazon disna hae it in stock but A ken there a few copies in Embra University Librar -- mibbes some ither university librars haes copies, gin ye'r in onie poseetion tae leuk in sicna place. Mendor 15:47, 7 Juin 2007 (UTC)[Replie]

PS Juist seen that ye bide in Canadae, Crazygraham. No shuir if the Robinson beuk will be that easy tae finnd in Canadae. Dinna ken onie online resoorces A'm afraid, apairt frae thaim that the airticle airts til awready (an as A'm shuir 84.135 will be fawin ower hissel tae tell ye, ye shuid tak oniething the "offeecial" Ulster-Scots agency says wi a pinch o saut). Mendor

Efter leukin on amazon.ca, A fun that the beuk is actually available here in Canada. Oniewey, thank ye for the recommendation. A'll be sure tae order it as soon as A can. Maist wabsteids A've veesitit jist gie ye a brief innin tae the historie o the leid bit nae ony real information aboot hou tae spaek the leid itsel. A ken whit ye're sayin aboot the "Boord o Ulster-Scotch". A got an idea aboot the inaccuracies o it whaun A gied there an see'd a curn o fowk dancin aroond in kilts in the backgrund. Fae whit A ken aboot the history o the Ulster-Scots fowk that seemed lik a muckle contradiction whaun it comes tae their heritage. ;) Crazygraham

Hi thiss heirr is some sey oop ye gaw goin. A woos wanderin if a cood teek a few classes in this complix languij mesel but by the looks a hings am already fluent! Wise up ya gooses.

That looks more like Yorkshire dialect "oop ye gaw" would be better suited to a quote from a Barnsley miner to their work-colleague heading back to the surface. Seamusalba 12:17, 15 Apryle 2011 (UTC)[Replie]