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Coontie Antrim

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(Reguidit frae Coonty Antrim)
Coontie Antrìm

Contae Aontroma
Coontie Antrìm / Countie Antrim
Coat of airms o Coontie Antrìm
Coat airms
Per angusta ad augusta  (Laitin)
"Through Trial tae Triumph"
Location of Coontie Antrìm
KintraUnitit Kinrick
RegionNorthren Ireland
Coonty seatAntrim
 • Total3046 km2 (1,176 sq mi)
Area rank9t
 • Rank2nt
Contae Aontroma is the Erse name; Coontie Antrìm,[1] Countie Antrim,[2] Coontie Anthrim[3] an Coonty Entrim[4] are Ulster-Scots names.

Coontie Antrìm (Contae Aontroma or juist Aontroim in Erse) is ane o the sax coonties that maks up the poleetical unit o Northren Ireland, an ane o the nine coonties that historically an geographically maks up the Stewartry o Ulster. It is the 9t lairgest o the 32 tradeetional Coonties o Ireland in terms o aurie, an 2t in terms o the nummer o indwallers, ahint Coonty Dublin. Antrim is seetuate in the nor'-east o the island o Ireland. It is boondit north an east bi the nairae seas sinderin Northren Ireland frae Scotland, the Atlantic Ocean an Erse Sea, sooth bi Belfast Loch an the River Lagan dividin it frae Coonty Doun, sooth-wast bi Loch Neagh, sinderin it frae Coonty Armagh an Coonty Tyrone, an wast bi Coonty Lunnonderry the boondary beins the River Bann. Kiverin an aurie o 2,844 km², it haes a population o aboot 616,384, maist o thaim in an aboot the Belfast aurie.

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