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Coontie Offaly

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Coonty Offaly

Contae Uíbh Fhailí
Coat of airms o Coonty Offaly
Coat airms
Esto Fidelis  (Laitin)
"Be Faithful"
Location of Coonty Offaly
Dáil ÉireannLaois-Offaly
EU ParliamentEast
Coonty seatTullamore
 • TeepCoonty Cooncil
 • Total2000 km2 (800 sq mi)
Area rank18t
 • Rank23rd
Caur platesOY

Coonty Offaly (Erse: Contae Uíbh Fhailí) is ane o the twenty-sax coonties o the Republic o Ireland an ane o the thirty-twa coonties o Ireland. It is located in the province o Leinster. It wis named efter the Kinrick o Uí Failghe. Tullamore is the coonty toun an lairgest toun in Offaly, an is the 30t lairgest in Ireland. The population o the coonty is 70,868 according to the 2006 census. Offaly is the 18t lairgest o Ireland’s 32 coonties in area an 23rd lairgest in terms o population. It is the fift lairgest o Leinster’s 12 coonties in size an nint lairgest in terms o population. It is the lairgest county bi area an the seicont lairgest bi population in the Midlands.

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