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Coontie Tipperary

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Coonty Tipperary

Contae Thiobraid Árann
Location of Coonty Tipperary
Dáil ÉireannTipperary North
Tipperary Sooth
EU ParliamentSooth
Coonty seatNorth: Nenagh
Sooth: Clonmel
 • Total4303 km2 (1,661 sq mi)
Area rank6t
 • Rank11t[1]
Caur platesNorth: TN
Sooth: TS

Coonty Tipperary (Erse: Contae Thiobraid Árann) is a coonty in Ireland. Tipperary County Council is the local govrenment authority for the coonty. Atween 1838 an 2014 coonty Tipperary wis dividit intae twa coonties, North Tipperary an Sooth Tipperary, which wur unifee'd unner the Local Government Reform Act 2014, which came intae effect follaein the 2014 local elections on 3 Juin 2014.[2] It is locatit in the province o Munster. The coonty is namit efter the toun o Tipperary, an wis established in the early thirteent century, shortly efter the Norman invasion o Ireland. The population o the entire coonty wis 160,441 at the 2016 census.[3] The lairgest touns are Clonmel, Nenagh an Thurles.


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