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For spellin, A ettil ti uis the Scots Language Society's Recommendations for Writers in Scots. For mair wittins, folla this airtin an see David Purves's buik A Scots Grammar (1997), whilk haes a wirdleet.

Sum o the main pynts in the Recommendations ar as follas:

  • For Inglis to uis ti ("gaun ti bed"), but uis til if it's afore a vowel or the wird the ("gaun til the kirk").
  • For Inglis too uis tae ("Tom went ti bed tae").
  • For Inglis until uis till.
  • For final unstresst -el or -le uis -il (single→singil).
  • For final unstresst -y uis -ie (body→bodie), unless it's pronounst lyk the y in why.
  • For final unstresst -ed whar the e isna pronounst, uis -'d (confirmed→confirm'd)
  • For final -ct uis k (object→objek, expect→expek).
  • For i[consonant]e an y[consonant]e uis y[consonant] (like→lyk, wyfe→wyf).
  • For sc- uis sk- (scrieve→skreiv).
  • For the /ø/ soond as in guid, uis ui (beuk→buik).
  • For the lang ee soond, uis ei (atween→atwein), unless the ee spellin is firmlie estaiblisht (the wird wee wadna be chyng'd).
  • For the final /s/ soond, uis ss (hoose→houss), unless -se cums eftir a consonant (as in mense).
  • Uis cud for coud, shud for shoud, cum for come, an sum for some.

Ye can see mair ensaumpils in the airtikils A hae written...

Airtikils A hae stairtit or made mukkil contreibutions ti