The Battle of Sherramuir

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The Battle o Sherramuir is a sang bi Robert Burns (25 Januar 1759 – 21 Julie 1796), aboot The Battle o Sheriffmuir that happent in Scotland in 1715 at the heicht o the Jacobite Rising in Scotland an England. This sang wis scrieved bi Burns when he teuk a tour o the Scots Hielands in 1787, an setten furth for the first time in The Scots Musical Museum in 1790. This poem wis set tae the tuin o Cameronian Rant.

This sang wis scrieved frae a broadside cried Dialogue Between Will Lick-Ladle and Tom Clean-Cogue bi John Barclay (1734-1798) . Burns kent the Battle of Sheriffmuir dinna end wi a clear veectory for aither side. The sang wis grundit on this fact an scrieved as the story o the fecht tauld bi twa hirds frae conter braiths.

Ane hird believed "the red-coat lads wi' black cockades" waur the rebels and descrived hou thay "hough the Clans like nine-pin kyles". The ither hird believed the Jacobites "did pursue / The horsemen back to Forth, man" an "...mony a huntit, poor Red-coat / For fear amaist did swarf, man."