Auchenbowie Hoose

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Auchenbowie Hoose is a laird's hoose in Stirlin, Scotland, boucht bi Robert Bruce, Provost o Stirlin (descendant o The Bruce) in 1555. The hoose wus eikit tae efterhaun, an remodelled in 1768 an again in the 19t centurie. It's located in the aurie o Auchenbowie, Stirlin.[1][2]

It passt bi mairiage tae the Munro faimilie in 1708 efter ane of the Bruce familie haed tae flee the kintra whan he killt a man in a duel. The Munro familie wis the awners in 1787 whan Robert Burns, the Scots naitional makar, steyed an screived in his jurnal anent dinin wi the Munro[1][2] that wus a makar an-aw.[3]

Umquhile Prime Minister o the Unitit Kinrick, Winston Churchill, steyed at the Hoose whan visitin a niece that had mairit intae the Munro familie.[1][2]

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