Jeppe Aakjær

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Jeppe Aakjær (born Jeppe Jensen, 10 September 1866 in Aakjær near Skive in Denmark, deed 22 Aprile 1930 on the ferm Jenle in Salling in Denmark) wis a Dens makker.

He isna weil-kent in Scotland the day, but he owerset monie o Burns's poems intae Dens (and Jutlandic dialect), and he wrate monie poems about Burns, tae. He taucht himsel Scots tae owerset Burns, and he traivelit in Scotland tae see aw the monuments associatit wi Burns.

The day maist o his Burns owersettins hae been forgotten in Denmark. The ainlie ane fowk ken the nou is "Skuld gammel venskab rejn forgo" (Auld Lang Syne), whilk he wrate in Jutlandic dialect.