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Syrien civil war

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The Syrien civil war (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية السورية‎, al-ḥarb al-ʾahlīyah as-sūrīyah) is a current mony-sided civil war in Syrie focht atween the Ba'athist Arab Republic o Syrie led bi Syrien president Bashar al-Assad, alang wi domestic an ootlaund allies, an various airmies frae hame an abroad agin baith the Syrien goverment an ilka ane tae the ither in mony combinations.[1]


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Assad goverment

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The secular Ba'ath Syrien Regional Branch goverment cam tae pouer throu a coup d'état in 1963. Fer mony years, Syrie gang throu a series o coups and chynges o rulerskip,[2] intil Mairch o 1971, Hafez al-Assad, an Alawite, decalret hessel President. The secular Syrien Regional Branch steyed the foremaist political authoritie in whit was, afore, an ane-pairtie state intil the first multi-pairtie election o the Fowk's Cooncil o Syrie was held in 2012.[3] On 31 o Januarie 1973, Hafez al-Assad pit a new constitution intae effec, thit led tae a national crysis. Unalike foregane constitutions, this ane didnae requeest thit the president o Syrie be a Muslim, leadin tae fairce protest in Hama, Homs an Aleppo organysit bi the Muslim Britherheid an the ulama. The goverment lestit throu a series o airmed revolts frae Islamists, fer the maist pairt memmers o the Muslim Britherheid, frae 1976 intil 1982.

Efter the deith o Hafez al-Assad in 2000, his son Bashar al-Assad wis electit tae be President o Syrie. Bashar an hes wyfe Asma, a Sunni Muslim born an eddicatit in the UK,[4] tae begin wi, inspyred howpes fer democratic reforms; houanivver, accordin tae hes creetics, Bashar failt tae brin in hes promised reforms.[5] President Al-Assad statit in 2017 thit nae 'moderate opposition' tae hes rule exists, an thit aa opposition forces is jihadists thit intend tae destroy the secular leadership o Syrie; hes pynt o view wis thit terrorist groups operatin athin Syrie is 'linkit wi the agendas o foreign kintras'.[6]


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The tot o the population in July o 2018 wis estimatit tae be 19,454,263 fowk; cultur groups – rochlie Arab 50%, Alawite 15%, Kurd 10%, Levantine 10%, ither 15% (incluidin o Druze, Ismaili, Imami, Assyrian, Turkmen, Armenian); releegions – Muslim 87% (offeecial; incluidin o Sunni 74% an Alawi, Ismaili, an Shia 13%), Christian 10% (maistlie o Eistern Christian kirks[7] – mich be smawer acause o Christian flicht frae the kintra), Druze 3% an Jewish (few bidin in Damascus an Aleppo).[8]

Socioeconomic backgrun

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Socioeconomic inequalities growed geylie efter free mairket policies ware brocht in bi Hafez al-Assad taewart the end o hes rule, an it acceleratit efter Bashar al-Assad cam tae pouer. Wi a focus on the service sector, they policies brocht benefit fer a minoritie o the kintra's fowk, maistlie fowk wha ware connectit tae the goverment, an memmers o the Sunni mairchant cless o Damascus an Aleppo.[9] In 2010, Syrie's nominal GDP per capita wis anely $2,834, seemilar tae Sub-Saharan African kintras sic as Nigerie an a muckle sicht laicher than its neebors sic as Lebanon, wi a yearlie grawth rate o 3.39%, ablow maist ither developing kintras.[10]

Mair ower, the country wis facin particular heich rates o youth unempleyment.[11] Whin the war startit, discontent agin the goverment wis maist felt in Syrie's pair airts, predominant amang conservative Sunnis.[9] These incluided o ceeties wi heich rates o povertie, sic as Daraa an Homs, an the mair pair airts o muckle ceeties.

This cam alang wi the maist fearsom drocht ivver recordit in Syrie, thit bidit frae 2006 intil 2011 an caused crap failyie athort the kintra, a ryse in fuid prices an a migration en-masse o fairmin faimilies tae the urban centres.[12] This migration pit muckle strain on intimmers thit was aareadie burdened bi the inflowe o aroon 1.5 million refugees frae the Iraq War.[13] The drocht haes been linkit tae anthropogenic warldwide warmin.[14][15][16] Ample supplee o watter continyes tae be an issue in the current civil war an it is fer frequent the tairget o militarie action.[17]

Human richts

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The situation o human richts in Syrie haes been lang syne the tairget o muckle critique frae global organisations.[18] The richts o free expression, associe an assemblie ware strictly controlled in Syrie afore the uprisin. The kintra wis unner a state o emergencie atween 1963 an 2011 an public gaitherins o mair nor five fowk ware prohibitit.[19] Securitie forces haed braid pouers o arrest an detention.[20] In spyte o howps fer democratic chynge wi the 2000 Damascus Spring, Bashar al-Assad wis briadlie reportit tae hae failt in brinin aboot ony impruivement. A Human Richts Watch report pit oot richt afore the start o the 2011 uprisin seyd thit he haad failt tae mak substantial impruivement tae the state o human richts syne comin tae pouer.[21]


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