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Hama, Syria.jpg
Hamah is locatit in Syria
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°08′N 36°45′E / 35.133°N 36.750°E / 35.133; 36.750
Kintra Sirie
Govrenorate Hama Govrenorate
Destrict Hama Destrict
 • Govrenor Abdul Razzaq al-Qutainy
Population (2004 census[1])
 • Ceety 312,994
 • Metro 467,254
 • Ethnicities Arab
 • Religions Sunni Islam and the Greek Orthodox Church under the Patriarch of Antioch
Aurie code(s) 33
Wabsteid www.ehama.sy

Hama (Arabic: حماة‎, Ḥamā, pronoonced [ħaˈmaː]; Biblical Ḥamāth, "fortress") is a ceety on the banks o the Orontes River in central Sirie north o Damascus. It is the provincial caipital o the Hama Govrenorate. The ceety is the location o the historical ceety Hamath. The population o Hama is 312,994, makin it the fift-lairgest in Sirie.

Hama is an important agricultural an industrial center in Sirie, wi 3,680 square kilometres (1,420 sq mi), ower a third o the govrenorate's aurie, unner cultivation. The govrenorate produces ower hauf o the naitional crop o potatoes an pistachio nuts, as well as growin a variety o ither vegetables. Livestock ranchin is an aa common in the govrenorate.

The ceety proper is renowned for its 17 norias uised for waterin the gardens, which—it is claimed—date back tae 1100 BC. Though historically uised for purpose o irrigation, the norias exist the day as an amaist entirely aesthetic traditional show.

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