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Sliders (TV series)

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Sliders is a American science fiction an fantasy telly programme creatit bi Robert K. Weiss an Tracy Tormé. Hit wis broadcastit fur five seasons atween 1995 an 2000. I programme follaes a group o traivelers as they uise ae wirmhole tae "slide" atween different parallel universes. Tracy Tormé, Robert K. Weiss, Leslie Belzberg, John Landis, David Peckinpah, Bill Dial and Alan Barnette haed serrt as executive producers at different times o i production. Fur hits first twa seasons, hit wis produced in Vancouver, Breetish Columbie. Hit wis filmt primarily in Los Angeles, Californie, in i last three seasons.

I first three seasons war broadcastit bi i Fox network. Efter being cancelt bi Fox, i programme muived tae i Sci Fi Channel fur hits hintmaist twa seasons. I last episode wis shawn in i Unitit Kinrick in December 1999, an on i Sci Fi Channel in Februar 2000.

Plot[eedit | eedit soorce]

I shaw's titular chairacters ur a group o people foo traivel ("slide") atweesh differ Erds in parallel universes via ae vortex-leik wirmhole, activatit bi a haundhauldit timr device. File i slidin technology wis intendit tae tak thaim again tae their haim universe, thair premature uise o i timr tae 'scape a dangerous situation haes causit i timr tae tyne i coordinates fur thair haim universe.

Thay ur forced tae slide atweesh universes, spendin onyfar fae meenits til months thar an aw, waitin fur i timer tae coont doun tae i neist time thay can appen æ vortex tæ æ new universe, hopin hit is thair oreeginal een (Erd Prime). Failin tæ uise i vortex tæ slide at 'at point woud mean thay woud be stack in 'at universe fur aboot thritty year till thay can appen i vortex again.

File waitin fur i timr tæ coontdoon, i Sliders aften explore i alternate universe, foo hit is differ, and aften become caught up in events o 'at warld. Some o i universes ur basit on alternate timelines far some historical events happent differentli fæ i history thay knaw, leik i universe far penicillin wis ne'er discovert, or i warld far America hæd lost i Revolutionary Weir; aither warlds hæ halely næ histories, leik i een far tim flowed backlins, or far dinosaurs ne'er becam extinct.

I main ineetial cast had Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell), aka Q-Ball, foo creatit i Sliding technology bi accident; Professor Maximillian Arturo (John Rhys-Davies), Quinn's mentor; Wade Welles (Sabrina Lloyd), Quinn's freend; and Rembrandt "Cryin' Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks), æ profaisional sangster foo is accidentalli caucht in i first maist sey o i vortex. Awer i coorse o i shaw, cast members departit an wae replacit bi aithers: Caiptain Maggie Beckett (Kari Wuhrer), æ militar officer fæ æ duimt Erd; Colin Mallory (Charlie O'Connell), Quinn's lost bridder; æ seicont Quinn Mallory (Robert Floyd) 'at resultit fæ i origeenal Quinn accidentalli mergin wi i Quinn o æ warld thay slid intæ, an Dr. Diana Davis (Tembi Locke), æ scientist foo ettles tæ help thaim undæ i mergin o i Quinns.

Cast[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Quinn Mallory (portrayt bi Jerry O'Connell): wis æ main chairacter fur season 1-4.
  • Wade Wells (portaryt bi Sabrina Lloyd): wis æ main chairacter fur seasons 1-3; guest chairacter fur een episode in season 5 far she wis ainli i voice fur i chairacter foo wis playt bi æ bareli visible staund-in.
  • Rembrandt "I Cryin Man" Brown (portrayt bi Cleavant Derricks): wis æ main character fur aw 5 seasons.
  • Captain Maggie Beckett (portrayt bi Kari Wuhrer): wis æ guest in pairt o season 3 an 'an wis æ main character fur i lave o season 3 till i end o season 5.
  • Colin Mallory (portrayt bi Charlie O'Connell): wis æ guest in season 2 (as Kit Richards), season 3 (as Captain O'Hara), an 4; an wis æ main chairacter fur i lave o season 4.
  • Quinn "Mallory" Mallory (portrayt bi Robert Floyd): wis æ guest an main chairacter in ainli season 5.
  • Doctor Diana Davis (protrayt bi Tembi Locke): wis æ guest an main character in ainli season 5.

Recurring[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Angus Rickman (first portrayt bi Roger Daltrey fur 2 episodes an than bi Neil Dickson fur 4 episodes): æ cornel an Maggie's superior officer.
  • Elston Diggs (portrayt bi Lester Barrie): æ bartender.
  • Oberon Geiger (portrayt bi Peter Jurasik): Diana's boss.
  • Mrs. Mallory (portrayt bi Linda Henning): Quinn's adoptive midder on Erd Prime
  • Michael Mallory (portrayt bi John Walcutt): Quinn's faider foos Erd Prime version deed fan Quinn wis rawly.
  • Gomez Calhoun (portrayt bi Will Sasso): i awner o æ hottle
  • Pavel Kurlienko (portrayt bi Alex Bruhanski): æ taxi driver.

Production[eedit | eedit soorce]

Michio Kaku expleens in i appendix o his beuk, I Futur o I Mind, 'at i Sliders programme began "fan æ rawly callant rade æ beuk. 'At beuk is actualli my beuk Hyperspace, bit A tak næ wyte fur i naitural philosphy ahint 'at programme."[1]

File picturin i episode "Desert Storm", actor Ken Steadman (Cutter) wis kilt. In æ amshach 'at occurit atweesh takes, Steadman muived æ dune buggy tæ i naist shuitin location. Fan he wis muivin i vehicle, i dune buggy owerturnt an crushit him, killin him instantli. Accordin tæ Steadman's paurents, his deith wis forfendable[2].

Gæin intæ i fifth season, i production team kent i programme wisnæ bein renewt an hæd sauft money fæ i budget o ilk season five episode fur uise in æ climactic fecht fur i season finale. I money wis insteud usit fur i penultimate episode, "Ee o i Storm", file i last episode endit wi æ unresolvit clinthanger. Insiders hæ various theories as tæ fit wye 'is happent. I producers were concernt 'at i Sci Fi Channel hæd last interest in i shaw (e'en tho hit wis thair heichmaist-ratit program at i tim) efter thay devault giein corrective notes fur i episodes, an hit wis believit thay werenæ e'en readen i scripts[3].

Een strict rule i Sci Fi Channel hæd wis 'at æ gun couldnæ be pointit at æ person's heid. Tæ test i rule, executive producer Bill Dial presentit æ script faiturin æ chairacter gettin his heid shot clean aff — fit wis ignorit. Dial then presentit i script fur i final episode clinthanger, fit was ignort an aw. Some claim 'is wis done tæ herten fans tæ push fur æ saxt season, bit members o i production team claim 'at i deceesion wis personal[3].

Iranian-American director Reza Badiyi is creditit wi directin æ nummer o i episodes in i fift season, an his dochter, Mina Badiyi, maks æ guest appearance in Episode 3, "Common Grund".

Chingin Cast an Crew[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sliders hæd æ turbulent history due tæ changes in i cast an crew thro hits run. Cleavant Derricks is i ainly cast memmer tæ stay wi i programme ootthrou hits hale run. Derricks an Linda Henning (Mrs. Mallory) ur i ainly actors tæ appear in baith i first an last episodes o i programme. Derricks' sel an same twin, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, appeart in i episodes "I Keeng Is Agin", "Greatfellas", an "I Prince o Slides", fan 'ere wis æ need fur Rembrandt an his dooble tæ interact.

Third Season Transeetions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jerry O'Connell felt i first twa seasons went smoothly, bit syne thare wis a signeeficant shift in creative direction o i programme wi i third season, wi i Fox network desirin hit tae be a mair action-orientit shaw insteid o thoucht-provokin[4]. John Rhys-Davies wis i first star o i programme tæ leave. Rhys-Davies statit in a 2016 interview 'at he haed been critical o foo the shaw wis written, callin i concept fit "coud've been i best shaw on i telly", bit maist o i scripts he had buin gied were "incomprehensible gibberish" an misst i scowth o i concept. He citit 'at Fox hæd exertit ower muckle control on i scripts as pairt o i reason fur his depairtur[5].

In a 2014 interview at i Toulouse Game Show, Rhys-Davies statit 'at i inabeeliti tae get writers 'at haed read science fiction in i first place haed led tae i shaw's dounfaw, an thair inexperience in i area led tae i shaw aft repurposing idees fae aither wirks. He said, "We dæd ae episode leik Tremors, een leik Twister, een leik The Night of the Living Dead an e'en een leik Doctor Moreau's Island, uisin i film's oreeginal fauce faces!" He foond i writers were juist "lootin" these idees raider than uisin thaim as ae tribute, airtin tæ een episode far Quinn needit tae cross ae invisible brig an on approachin i writer aboot hit, discovert he haed neer seen Indiana Jones an i Last Crusade 'at Rhys-Davies haed starred in, an simply uised i idee insteid o toyin wi i meta naitur o i scene[6].

Fur Rhys-Davies, "i brekin pint fur me wis fan A walkit in an saw i writers sittin aroond leukin at ae DVD o Species 'at haed juist been releasit an sayin: 'Leuk, we coud tak a bit o that scene there an a bit o that scene there.'"[7]

I programme co-creator, Tracy Tormé, hæs aft been critical o i direction i programme teuk in i third season[8]. Tormé callt i third season twa-parter "Exodus" "een o i warst pieces o televeesion e'er producit, an i law pint o i hale programme"[9]. David Peckinpah wis broucht antæ i programme in i third season (aroond i tim fan Tormé stairtit tæ criticise i shaw). I last episode tæ be screivit bi Tormé wis K1803, "I Gairdian", an i first tæ be screivit bi Peckinpah wis K1815, "Murther Maist Fool". Some argie Peckinpah's involvement in i programme (an bi extension Fox's mair haunds-on involvement) hæd causit i shaw tæ "jump i shark"[10], despite new executive producer Marc Scott Zicree's decision tæ restore Tracy Tormé's oreeginal "alternate history" premise fur i programme in season 4. Tormé, wi co-creators Robert K. Weiss an John Landis an aw, aw departit i shaw durin i third season[4].

Pairt o Fox's involvement in i third season wis tæ shift production fæ Vancouver tæ Los Angeles tæ reduce filmin costs. I recurrin characters were droppt due tæ i expense o fleein thaim fæ Vancouver tæ Los Angeles fur filmin. Bartender Elston Diggs wis broucht in as æ recurrin character fur sax episodes, bit Peckinpah eventualli rejectit i concept. Logan St. Clair wis creatit tæ be æ recurrin character, evident in i episode's twa haundit crack, bit ainli appeart wance. Fox dædnæ believe she wis "sexy" eneuch an requestit she dænæ appear again[11].

Cancellation bi Fox an Pickup bi Sci-Fi[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fox cancellt i shaw aifter i third season, bit hit wis later pickt up bi i Sci-Fi network. Jerry O'Connell felt 'at Sci-Fi wis leukin tæ maintain i action-based shaw wi mair virr on derker sci-fi elements[4]. Lloyd decidit tæ næ return tæ i programme fan hit wis revived, accordin tæ her agency. Æ soorce[12] came forward claimin Lloyd wis firet acause she wis jealous o Kari Wuhrer. Universal an Lloyd's agent baith refusit tæ comment an i rumour spread[12].

Æ muckle file later hit wis revealt 'at Lloyd an Wuhrer dædnæ get along, primarily due tæ some snide commends Wuhrer hæd made aboot Lloyd's engagement tæ æ crew memmer. As Peckinpah wantit tæ return tæ i 3 male/1 female dynamic o i first twa seasons, hit wis decidit Lloyd wis næ længer requiret efter she hæd askit fur æ raise[12]. Her character's fate—tæ be trappit in æ Kromagg breedin camp—wis allegedli Peckinpah's idea, an een 'at was pushit throu bi him alane[12].

As æ result o public dwang tæ elaborate on fit happent tæ Wade efter she disappeart, i producers hæd askt Lloyd tæ guest star in een season five episode 'at wis tæ focus entirely on Wade (ithoot i rest o i cast)[13]. Lloyd requestit $40,000 tæ appear, i sam per-episode salary Derricks wis receivin an $20,000 maire 'an Wuhrer, an i idee wis scrappit[12]. Awtho, i episode she wis tæ appear in, "Requiem", wis "fine tuned" tæ answer i quaisten ithoot her[13]. Lloyd ultimately providit voiceovers fur i episode, an æ stand-in wis uisit.

Bi i end o i fourth season, Jerry an Charlie O'Connell left i programme tæ pursue pictur careers. Jerry O'Connell felt 'at ithoot Lloyd, Rhys-Davies, an Tormé, much o i shaw's oreeginal premise wis gane, an optit tæ lea[4]. I bridders leain i shaw upset mony fans an Tracy Tormé wis askit fit coud be done tæ win thaim back. 'Is resultit in æ unsuccessful effort tæ bring back some popular previously recurrin characters[11].

I producers negotiatit wi' John Novak (Ross J. Kelly, i ambulance-chasin lawer), Alex Bruhanski (Pavel Kurlienko, i taxi driver) an Lester Barrie (Elston Diggs, i waiter at i Chandler Hotel) fur thair return in season five. Zoe McLellan (Logan St. Clair) wis schedulit tæ appear again an Jason Gaffney (Conrad Bennish, Jr) fæ season een wis confirmit fur fower episodes, includin i season finale[11]. Houe're, nane o thaim appearit.

Broadcast[eedit | eedit soorce]

Season 1[eedit | eedit soorce]

Quinn, eager tæ kythe his vortex technology tæ Professor Arturo an Wade, inadvertently appens æ lairge wirmhole 'at draws Rembrandt wi thaim tæ æ hostile ice-covert Erd. Quinn is forcit tæ activate i vortex prematurely tæ sauf thaim fæ æ tornado, an thay find thaimsels næ able tæ retour tæ thair Erd. Sæ næ tæ be strandit on ony alternate Erd fur aboot 20 year, i group continues tæ slide atweesh warlds, mony o thaim involvin alternate histories, such as gin i Breetish hæd won i American Revolutionary Weir, or gin antibiotics hæd ne'er buin discovert[14].

Season 2[eedit | eedit soorce]

I group continues tæ slide atweesh alternate Erds, explorin forther alternate timelines an mair fantastical variations fæ i Erd thay knaw. On een slide, thay encounter i Kromaggs, æ species at hæ perfectit slidin an uise hit tæ strip resoorces fæ alternate Erds. I Kromaggs become aggressively cuirious aboot Quinn's technology.

Season 3[eedit | eedit soorce]

As thay conteena tæ slide, hopin tæ return tæ thair oreeginal dimension, i Sliders land on æ Erd 'at is duimt bi æ passin pulsar; thay provide æ means tæ evacuate æ skiddlie portion o hits population tæ æ sauf dimension; houe're i exodus is betrayt bi æ new enemy in Colonel Rickman, foo needs harn fluid tæ survive æ disease he obtainit in æ gulf weir. Fan protectin Quinn Professor Arturo sacrifices hissel. I group, joinit bi Captain Maggie Beckett, pursue Rickman tæ acquire æ Timer he stealt wi Erd Prime's location savit antæ hit. Wade and Rembrandt make it back, bit Quinn an Maggie end up stckit on anidder alternate Erd.

Season 4[eedit | eedit soorce]

Quinn an Maggie find æ wey tæ retour tæ Erd Prime, bit thay find hit hæs been taken ower bi i Kromaggs; thay ur able tæ rescue Rembrandt bit no Wade. Quinn's mider tells him he is actually adoptit, born fæ parents 'at knawed o slidin technology an uist hit tæ hide him fæ i Kromaggs. She tells him far tæ find his bridder, Colin, foo then joins the Sliders an aw. I group conteenas tæ slide, hopin tæ find æ means tæ deal wi i Kromaggs on Erd Prime an in aither dimensions.

Season 5[eedit | eedit soorce]

In fit appears tæ be æ freak slidin hamshoch, Quinn merges wi i Quinn o i dimension thay hæ slid antæ, merging thaim intæ "Mallory", an Colin is lost tæ i vortex, as explaint tæ thaim bi Dr. Diana Davis, æ scientist studyin transdimensional traivel. She later slides wi Mallory, Maggie, an Rembrandt as thay conteena tæ sairch fur æ way tæ stap i Kromaggs. Ultimately, thay diskiver æ contagious virus, deidli tæ Kromaggs. Efter i timer is destroyit, thay find thay can send een slider back tæ Erd Prime. Rembrandt injects hisssel wi i virus an jumps throu, leavin i three unsure o his weird.

Broadcast Reddin[eedit | eedit soorce]

I Fox Network airt certain episodes fæ seasons een an twa in æ differ order 'an originally scriptit tæ best capitalise on scowth ratins-winnin episodes, thus causin some continuity mislearins. Fur ensaumple, i timr is first set tæ coont doon no in i pilot episode, bit in "Simmer o Lue"— tho syne Fox airt "Fever" richt efter i pilot episode mony viewers were left confusit as tæ fit wye i Sliders suddenly hæd tæ lea inby æ verra speceefic speal. Similarly, i clinthanger at i end o "Simmer o Lue" leads directly intæ i opening o "Prince o Wails", at Fox hæd actually airt æ wouk earlier[15][16][17].

Fur season twa, Fox dædnæ wint tæ resolve i cliffhanger at i end o "Luck o i Draw", preferrin tæ focus insteid on brand-new storylines. Thus, in "Tim An Warld An Aw" (i first episode filmed fur Season Twa), Arturo maks æ brief passing reference tæ i events o "Luck o i Draw." 'Is misst clinthanger wis particularly significant as i episode hæd endit wi' Quinn bein shot in i back. Tracy Tormé successfully petitioned fur æ chance tæ resolve i clinthanger, tho, at is briefly dealt wi in i openin meenits o "Intæ I Meestic" (i third episode filmed, bit i first tæ air 'at season) far i life-thritenin wound is nou merely æ scrat in his shouther, allowin fur æ quick recovery. "Tim an Warld An Aw" endit up airing sixth in i rotation[15].

"Dooble Cross" wis filmit as i premiere fur season three. In 'is episode, i audience lears fit wye i Sliders will nou be able tæ slide onyfaur atweesh San Francisco an L.A. Fox optit tæ air "Rowles o I Gemm" first, syne hit wis æ mair action-orientit episode[15].

"I Last o Eden" wis filmit afore John Rhys-Davies left i shaw. Fox chose tæ air i episode fur i first tim on 28 Mairch, æ full muin efter Arturo hæd been written aff i shaw, requirin æ new appenin scene be addit tæ frame i story as æ flashback[15].

Fan i shaw began airin in reruns on i Sci Fi Channel, Sci Fi restored i oreeginal filmed order fur season one. Fan i DVDs were released, Universal uist i airt order fur aw seasons.

Haim Media[eedit | eedit soorce]

Universal Studios Home Entertainment hæs releasit aw five seasons on DVD in Region 1, 2, an 4. I fift an final season wis releasit in Region 1 on 17 Januar 2012, 'maist 4 year efter season 4[18].

On 2 December 2014, Universal released Sliders - The Complete programme on DVD in Region 1[19]. 'Is set contains aw 88 episodes o i programme on 22 single sided discs wi æ run tim o 66 oors (3954 meenits).

On 1 Julie 2016, hit wis announcit 'at Mill Creek Entertainment hæd acquirt i richts tæ i programme in Region 1 an woud re-release i complete programme on DVD on 4 October 2016[20]. I 15-disc set conteens aw 5 seasons o i programme in correct story order.

DVD Name Ep# Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
The First and Second Seasons 23 3 August 2004 27 December 2004 2 Mey 2005
The Third Season 25 19 Julie 2005 31 October 2005 8 Februar 2006
The Fourth Season 22 25 Mairch 2008 19 Mey 2008 4 Juin 2008[21]
The Fifth and Final Season 18 17 Januar 2012 13 Mairch 2009 (Germany) 5 Juin 2013[22]
The Complete Programme 88 December 2, 2014 N/A November 6, 2013

November 13, 2019 (Re-Release)

On 23 August 2007, Netflix Instant View startit providin aw five seasons o Sliders available fur streamin. Twa season 1 episodes ("Last Days", an "I Weaker Sex") ur missing wi æ note in thair place statin 'at i DVD is requirt tæ view i episode. I first episode, "Pilot", is available baith as een combint episode, an as twa separate pairts, "Pilot Pairt 1" an "Pilot Pairt 2". Aw episodes o i remaining seasons (2-5) ur available fur streamin.

On 12 Mairch 2008, Universal Studios addit Sliders season een tæ thair free online viewin service, Hulu. Season twa wis addit on 8 Mey 2009, an season three wis addit on 2 Julie 2009.

Ahint i haund in 2008, season five an eventually aw five seasons were made available throu iTunes TV Shaws store.

As o August 2020, aw episodes ur available wi i free version o Peacock TV streamer. I pilot episode is split intæ twa approximately 45 meenit segments. Note 'at i programme wis originally listit as "Drama" raider 'an "Sci-Fi" (syne correctit as o Sept 2020).

Revival[eedit | eedit soorce]

Baith Jerry O'Connell an John Rhys-Davies hæ spoken o æ potential revival o i programme as recently as 2019. Accordin tæ Rhys-Davies, O'Connell hæd been in private talks wi him ower æ possible revival, 'at Rhys-Davies said he woud do gin i programme stayed focusit on i thoucht-provokin aspects o i alternate warlds. I twa hæ spoken tæ NBC aboot 'is, as i richts tæ distribute Sliders ur believit tæ be helt by NBCUniversal[23]. O'Connell hæs said 'at Tormé is interestit in æ revival an aw[4]. On 14 Julie 2021, Tormé statit in æ interview 'at æ Sliders reboot is actively in i warks[24].

Connections tæ Aither Warks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Doorways[eedit | eedit soorce]

I plotlines in Sliders ur aw set aroond i idee o æ multiverse, far i outcomes o non-deterministic quantum processes result in i splittin o reality intæ mony universes, ilk existin in parallel. Thare hæs been speculation 'at Sliders wis inspirt bi George R. R. Martin's 1992 ABC pilot Doorways an aw[25], far i main cast war fugitives fleein throu parallel warlds, file carryin æ device 'at tells tham far an fan i neist Doorway appens[26].

Sliders in Aither Media[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sliders-brandit Wark[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • I pilot episode o Sliders wis makit inti ae novul bi science-fiction writer Brad Linaweaver, an wis releasit in i spring o 1996, een year efter i programme originally premiert. Linaweaver's novelisation incorporates several deletit scenes fæ i oreeginal pilot episode production script, wi Linaweaver's awn additions tæ i plot.
  • Linaweaver later compilt an episodic guide tæ i shaw an aw, Sliders: I Classic Episodes, 'at containit information ainly on Seasons Een throu Three.
  • Dennis McCarthy producit æ Sliders soondtrack in 2007 wi' complete scores tæ baith i episodes fæ i first season he scort, 'at includit i pilot. As o late 2010, næ ither scorin fæ i programme' ither composers hæs been releasit[27].
  • Sliders wis spun aff intæ æ 10 issue comic book programme an aw, publishit bi Acclaim Comics in 1996. 'Is comics programme hæd næ direct input fæ programme creators Tracy Tormé an Robert K. Weiss, bit Tracy Tormé dæd pass alang several notes detailin stories 'at went unproducit. Programme star Jerry O'Connell personally authored een special issue o i comic programme an aw. Tho advertisit an solicitit fur advance order, i eleivent an final Sliders comic, titlt Get æ Life, ne'er made it tæ store shelves; bit artist Rags Morales completit art fur 14 pages o i comic afore production wis stoppit[28].
  • Sliders tradin cairds were producit by Inkworks in 1997. I set consistit o 90 cairds, includin nine embossit cairds, sax foil cairds combinin tæ mak æ lairge limm o i Kromagg haimwarld, twa lenticular cairds, an een promotional caird bi i Offeecial Sliders Fan Associe.

References Bi Aithers[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Efter i changes o i DC Comics event mini-programme Zero Hoor, i artistic design o tim traivel wis changit an first introducit in Legion o Super-Heroes vol. 3 nummer 74. Durin i issue, Superboy comments 'at 'is neu artistic design o tim traivel is similar tæ i tunnel effect on Sliders[29]. 'Is neu artistic design fur tim traivel hæs been uisit bi DC Comics fæ i 1995 debut throu tæ hits last appearance in 2005 in i Teen Titans/Legion Special.
  • In i 19 December 1996 FoxTrot strip bi Bill Amend, Frosty i Snawman condamns Paige fur watchin Sliders insteid o his awn Yuil televeesion special[30].
  • In 1997, i Desktop Images production company releasit æ trainin video on i subject o Organic Modelin an Animation hostit bi David Lombardi. 'Is foo-tæ video gæ æ special ahint i scenes leuk at i special effects process uiset on i Sliders season three episodes Paradise Lost an Dinoslide[31].
  • Marvel's Exiles features severals Marvel chairacters foo hæ been poued fæ thair awn realities tæ sort problems in alternate eens. Programme creator Judd Winick hæs statit 'at Sliders wis pairt o i inspiration fur i programme[32].
  • Releasit Februar, 2005, Marvel Knights 4 issue 15 features i Human Torch fondly myndin Sliders as i fantastic team prepares tæ embark on æ tim traivel mission[33].
  • The 14 September 2007 issue o online comic VG Cats (#243: Bizzaro!) features Leo mentionin Sliders, follaed bi æ scene in æ parallel universe intæ far i oreeginal line-up (Rembrandt, Arturo, Quinn an Wade) slide. I timr states thay ur there fur three year.
  • Funny ur Dee featurt æ Aprile Fuil's sketch far O'Connell tried tæ croudfond æ Sliders movie[34].
  • Jerry O'Connell appears as Lancelot in æ episode o i programme I Leebrarians 'at featurt alternate Erds.
  • I Family Guy episode "Road tæ i Multiverse", 'at features Brian an Stewie traiveling throu various parallel universes, wis oreeginalli gang tæ be cawed Sliders[35].

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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