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Left shoulder.jpg
Capsule o shouder-jynt (distendit). Anterior aspect.
Laitin articulatio humeri
MeSH D012782
TA A01.1.00.020
FMA FMA:23217
Anatomical terminology

In human anatomy, the shouder jynt (in Doric: shoulther) comprises the pairt o the body whaur the humerus jyns the spaul-bane.[1] The shouder is the group o structures in the region o the jynt.[2]

It is made up o three banes: the hausebane (clavicle), the spaul-bane (scapula), and the humerus (upper airm bane) as weel as associate muscles, ligaments an tenons. The articulations atween the banes o the shouder mak up the shouder jynts. It is a helpfu pairt o the body for tae cairy things: we aften help cairyin things wi our ain shouder. Atlas cairied the Yird an the globe o the Sky (Lift sphere).

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