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 • Chosŏn'gŭl사리원시
 • Hancha
 • McCune–ReischauerSariwŏn-si
 • Revised RomanizationSariweon-si
Sariwon (5063726588).jpg
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Coordinates: 38°30′28″N 125°45′16″E / 38.50778°N 125.75444°E / 38.50778; 125.75444
Kintra North Korea
ProvinceNorth Hwanghae Province
 • Totalest. 310,100
Time zoneUTC+9 (Korea Staundart Time)

Sariwŏn is the caipital o Hwanghaebuk-do, North Korea. The ceety's population is reportit tae be 310,100 fowk.

Sariwon haes the anerlie pediatric hospital in the entire region; it serves 16 destricts an 500,000 children an teens annually.

Sariwon an aa haes a Potassic/Potash Fertilizer Complex, a tractor factory, University o Agricultur, University o Geology, University o Medicine, University o Education no. 1 an, University o Education no 2. It is an aa the hame o the Sariwon Pharmaceutical College o Koryo.

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Coordinates: 38°30′23″N 125°45′35″E / 38.50639°N 125.75972°E / 38.50639; 125.75972