Santa Cruz del Norte

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Santa Cruz del Norte
Street in Santa Cruz del Norte
Street in Santa Cruz del Norte
Kintra  Cuba
Province Mayabeque
Foondit 1800[1]
Established 1931 (Municipality)
 • Total 376 km2 (145 sq mi)
Elevation 5 m (16 ft)
Population (2004)[3]
 • Tot 32,576
 • Density 86.6/km2 (224/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Aurie code(s) +53-47

Santa Cruz del Norte is a municipality in the Mayabeque Province o Cuba. Afore 2011 it wis pairt o La Habana Province. It is locatit on the north shore, atween the ceeties o Havana an Matanzas, at the mooth o the Santa Cruz River.

Havana Club distillery

The toun wis foondit in 1800, bein a fishin commonty at that time, an achievit municipality status in 1931.[1]

This is the main hame o the Havana Club rum distillery; aw daurk varieties bein producit in Santa Cruz del Norte. The distillery can be visitit as pairt o a tour.

Ither industries in the municipality include pouer generation, ile extraction an fishin.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2004, the municipality o Santa Cruz del Norte haed a population o 32,576. Wi a total aurie o 376 km2 (145 sq mi),[2] it haes a population densitie o 86.6/km2 (224/sq mi).

The municipality is dividit intae the barrios o Santa Cruz del Norte (the toun proper), Boca de Jaruco, Jibacoa, El Fraile, Arcos de Canasí, El Comino, La Sierra, Hershey (or Camilo Cienfuegos), Loma del Tanque, El Rubio an Paula.[1]

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