Melena del Sur

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Melena del Sur
Offeecial seal o Melena del Sur
Melena del Sur is locatit in Cuba
Melena del Sur
Location o Melena del Sur in Cuba
Coordinates: 22°47′17.20″N 82°9′4.40″W / 22.7881111°N 82.1512222°W / 22.7881111; -82.1512222
Kintra  Cuba
Province Mayabeque
Foondit 1768
Established 1878 (Municipality)
 • Total 227 km2 (88 sq mi)
Elevation 30 m (100 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Tot 20 646
 • Density 91.0/km2 (236/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Aurie code(s) +53-47

Melena del Sur is locatit sooth o the Mayabeque Province in Cuba. Bordered on the north an northwast bi San José de las Lajas, on the east bi the municipality o Güines an wast bi Batabano an bi the sooth bi the Guwf o Batabanó. In the sooth shore it is locatit the anerlie beach in the toun whose name is Mayabeque Beach. In this beach it is the auld ootlet o the Mayabeque river (called Antiguo Mayabeque).

The municipality is dividit intae 5 popular cooncils, namit efter the maist important touns, which are: Melena del Sur, Mañalich, Guara, Lechuga an Monte-Zapote. Its population exceeds 20 000 inhabitants o whom aboot hauf live in the toun.