Boca de Jaruco

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Boca de Jaruco is located in Cuba
Boca de Jaruco
Location o Boca de Jaruco in Cuba

Boca de Jaruco (Scots: Mooth o Jaruco) is a sma fishin veelage in the Mayabeque Province o Cuba.

It is locatit in the municipality o Santa Cruz del Norte, at the mooth o the Rio Jaruco, on the Straits o Florida.

Ile field in Boca de Jaruco

An extensive ile field wis developit wast o the veelage; hunders o wells wur drilled in the 1970s an 1980s bi the Cuban naitional ile company Cupet in cooperation wi Soviet technicians. The ile pumps (mony nae langer operational) can be seen on either side o the Via Blanca heich-gate as it passes through Boca de Jaruco.

Veelage at mooth o Jaruco River

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