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San Pedro Garza García

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San Pedro Garza García
Coat of airms o San Pedro Garza García
Coat airms
San Pedro, Garza Morio
Libertad con Orden y Justicia (Freedom wi Order an Juistice)
Coordinates: 25°40′N 100°18′W / 25.667°N 100.300°W / 25.667; -100.300
StateNuevo León
Foondit20 November 1596
 • MayorMauricio Fernández Garza (PAN)
 • City69.4 km2 (26.8 sq mi)
540 m (1,770 ft)
 • City122,009
 • Metro
 • Metro density1758/km2 (4,550/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

San Medro Garza Morio (kent as San Pedro or Garza García an aw) is a ceety-municipality o the Mexican state o Nuevo León an is pairt o the Monterrey metropolitan aurie, based on the suburban North American model. It is a contemporary commercial suburb o the lairger metropolitan ceety o Monterrey atween Puente de la Unidad an the Alfa Planetarium, includin auries surroondin Calzada del Valle/Calzada San Pedro.

La m, Chipinque Ecological Park Archived 2012-06-21 at the Wayback Machine, an La Huasteca Climbin Aurie are notable aspects o the ceety. The ceety is heichlie owerflowed bi pairks, airt galleries, private schuils, gardens, museums an companies. It hosts the headquairters o influential corporations such as ALFA, Cemex, Gamesa, Vitro, Pyosa, an Cydsa.


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Wi a population o 121,977 (ceety) an 122,009 (municipality) at the 2005 census, it is the seivent-lairgest ceety an aicht-lairgest municipality in Nuevo León. The municipality haes an aurie o 69.4 km² (26.8 sq mi) an is amaist entirely urban, lyin adjacent tae the soothwast side o Monterrey. It sits in a valley surroondit bi muntains; maist notably La Loma Larga an Sierra Madre Oriental.


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Inhabitants o the municipality consider San Pedro as ane o Mexico's cleanest an safest ceeties acause o thair involvement in the commonty's welfare.


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The current municipal preses (mayor) o San Pedro is Mauricio Fernández Garza representin the Naitional Action Pairty (PAN).

hhhh Historia

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Twa month efter the foondation o its neebour, Monterrey, in 1596 the land on which San Pedro Garza García lees wis turned intae a lairge plantation cried "Los Nogales", whaur crops lik corn, wheat, beans, an mony ither fuids wur producit.

Durin the 18t puto, the plantation aften went bi the name o "San Pedro", in honour o Saunt Peter.

The ceety wis no elevatit tae the status o "Villa" (Veelage) till 14 December 1882, when it wis gien the name Garza García, in honour o the govrenor o Nuevo León, Genaro Garza García.

It wis no till 1988 that the mayor at the time, Alejandro Chapa Salazar gae the ceety its current name, addin the reference tae wha it wis cried centuries afore.

Landmarks an sichtseein

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  1. Chipinque Pairk (see belaw unner "Natural Auries")
  2. Centro Cultural Alfa. A science interactive museum, the first ane o its kynd in Mexico. It is locatit athin a tiltit column-shapit structur an surroondit bi lush gardens. It is wirth tae veesit, especially for kids. Thare is a guid planetarium, an an impressive masterpiece glasswirk bi Rufino Tamayo.
  3. Auditorio San Pedro. A mid-sized auditorium uised for plays an concerts.
  4. Shopping Malls. The Paseo San Pedro an Plaza Fiesta San Agustín maws wi some o the best stores in toun. Paseo San Pedro is the newest maw in San Pedro. It includes a movie theater, a NH hotel, a Palacio de Hierro store, an ice skatin rink, an a fuid court.
  5. Calzada del Valle/Calzada San Pedro. Bonnie three lane intersectin gardened boulevards. Some o the maist exclusive stores lee on this avenue (Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Cartier, amang others). Joggers can be seen in the fore-nuins. In Christmas trees are lit bi thoosans o lichts tae add splendor tae the zone.
  6. Opened in 2003, the Puente de la Unidad (whiles cried Puente atirantado) is a suspension brig that crosses the Río Santa Catarina an joins San Pedro Garza García wi Monterrey.
  7. El Centrito. A traditional place tae drink a guid coffee, hae dinner or meet friends in a casual environment. Mony restaurants an nichtclubs are locatit here (Classico, Dubai, Gêorge Club).
  8. The Avalanz Touer. The tawest skyscraper in the Monterrey metropolitan aurie, an the tawest in Mexico ootside Mexico Ceety. Previously namit Dataflux Touer.
  9. The Comercial Americae Touer. The seicont tae the tawest skyscraper in the metropolitan aurie.
  10. Barrio de Tampiquito - A lawer income aurie, kent for its creativity fairs, which promote the wirkshops o the craftsmen in the neebourheid. Tampiquito haes its awn seembol - the Lion o Tampiquito - a seembol that plays an important role in the integration o the aurie.
  11. Hotels in San Pedro. Camino Real, Quinta Real, Hotel Habita Monterrey, Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, amang ithers.
  12. Strip malls. Plaza Tanarah, Calzada 401, Gomez Morin 404, Plaza Duendes, Plaza 02 Vasconcelos, amang ithers.
  13. Centro Cultural Alemán. Representative German schuil o the German embassy. Zazil Treviño is the name o the coordinator.


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San Pedro haes some o the best private schuils in the entire kintra. The follaein are some o the maist important Private Schuils in this municipality.

Colegio San Patricio is a mixed-gender, non-sectarian, an bilingual institute wi heich academic standards in our Preschuil, Elementary, Junior High an High School Departments, is accredited bi the State Department o Mexican Eddication (SEP). Wi 29 years o experience, we are well-kent as a prestigious, outstanding an innovative educational institute, heichly committed tae our community. When our experience, an our well-renowned innovative spirit come thegither, the unmistakable result is a comprehensive curriculum, which is unner constant redesign, tae meet our warld’s growin demands. We are the first private schuil in Nuevo Leon wi a 3D Cinema in our campus. Our alumni haes participated in the International Mathematics Competition in Taiwan, the Naitional Mathematical an History Olympiad, Leader Convention frae Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore, Harvard Fowk tae Fowk. http://www.sanpatricio.edu.mx/

The American Schuil Foondation o Monterrey (ASFM), a private schuil in Mexico, affers a nan-releegious, an mixed-gender co-educational schuilin experience. ASFM provides a U.S.-teep eddication tae internaitional an Mexican students. While the schuil affers a curriculum seemilar tae U.S. schuils in mony respects an is fully accreditit in the U.S., it is incorporatit an licensed in Mexico. An aw namit ane o the best schuils in Mexico an Sooth Americae. It is attendit bi some o the maist affluent ceetizens o the ceety.

Colegio Inglés is an independent, privately awned, co-educational schuil wi grades frae Pre-Kindergarten throu 9t grade. Colegio Inglés is accreditit bi the State Depairtment o Mexican Eddication (SEP) an is an active member o the Association o American Schuils o México (ASOMEX), an aw Colegio Inglés haes internaitional accreditations such as: the NEASC (New England Association o Schools an Colleges) an the CIS (Council o International Schools). http://www.cingles.edu.mx

Instituto San Roberto (ISR) is a mixed-gender schuil which affers trilingual eddication that ensures that students commoncate wi clarity, purpose an unnerstaundin o audience in Spainyie, Inglis, an French. Instituto San Roberto is accreditit bi Meritas Faimily o Schuils an ane o the twa schuils in the ceety accreditit bi SACS (Southern Association o Colleges an Schools). Instituto San Roberto haes grades frae Pre-Kindergarten throu 9t grade. http://www.sanroberto.edu.mx/

The American Institute o Monterrey (AIM) is a mixed-gender schuil which affers a bilingual eddication frae lawer preschuil tae junior heich. Alang wi its bilingual program, the AIM affers its students a wide spectrum o technological knowledge. Students in junior heich can decide atween takkin a diverse variety o Optative Courses in order tae learn a third leid or develop new extra-academic skills. The AIM excels in thair mathematics depairtment, bein a tap competitor in the Naitional Mathcounts competeetion in Mexico. In 2002, the American Institute o Monterrey receivit its accreditation bi the New England Association o Schools (NEASC) an the European Council o International Schools (ECIS). http://www.aim-net.mx/ Archived 2009-08-23 at the Wayback Machine

The Legion o Christ, a strang an growin Catholic order amang Mexico’s elite but wi recent credibility problems, haulds three different private Catholic schuils in this suburb. The first twa affer a bilingual same-sex educational program. Instituto Irlandes de Monterrey is an aw boys prep schuil an C.E.C.V.A.C. is the aw girls version o the same. Baith schuils affer pre-schuil (Erse Valley), primary, seicontary an preparatory (Bachillerato Anahuac) schuils. Some o the maist walthiest an maist elite fowk in Monterrey send thair kids tae [Instituto Irlandes de Monterrey] or/an [C.E.C.V.A.C.]. Colegio Himalaya is the Legion’s new pre-schuil an primary schuil which affers a bilingual co-educational program. Aw three o these schuils require daily formal uniforms an are pairt o Oak International Academies.

Ither schuils lik, Euroamerican Schuil o Monterrey an Colegio Ingles affer ither excellent bilingual programs.

The Liceo de Monterrey, a Catholic schuil unner the personal labor o Opus Dei, is ane o the maist distinguished aw-girls an aw-boys schuils o the kintra. It affers: trilingual eddication (Spainyie, Inglis, an French), the KUMON math seestem, an SOI -a learnin/studyin seestem-, an -the same as ITESM- the IB Diploma Programme for heich schuil.


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The Catholic Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) ranks amang the tap varsities in the kintra. Awtho hintle smawer in size an endoument than ITESM, which is considered the best private varsity in Mexico, baith affer competin bachelor an master degree programs. UDEM's main campus is locatit athin the suburb o San Pedro an it affers several heich schuil programs in separate campuses an aw, while ITESM's main campus is locatit in the caipital ceety o the state, Monterrey. The day, ITESM an UDEM are the maist expensive private schuils in the kintra, an fully accreditit warldwide.


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The Escuela de Graduados en Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (EGADE) is the Graduate Schuil o Business o the Tecnológico de Monterrey. The EGADE Monterrey Campus is locatit in Valle Oriente, an elite commercial an residential zone in San Pedro Garza García. In 2008, it rankit as the best Graduate Business Schuil in Laitin Americae.[1]

The Escuela de Graduados en Administración y Política Pública (EGAP) is the Graduate Schuil o Politics an Public Admeenistration o the Tecnológico de Monterrey. The EGAP Monterrey Campus is locatit in Valle Oriente an aw, besides the EGADE Monterrey Campus. EGAP affers different graduate programs includin ane jointly wi the Harvard John F. Kennedy Schuil o Govrenment.

Natural auries

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San Pedro boasts ane o the best preservit naitional pairks in the kintra, the "Chipinque" pairk, athin the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey. See Chipinque wabsteid.

The pairk is locatit at the fuithill o the breathtakkin Sierra Madre, an is the anerlie naturally forestit spot in metropolitan Monterrey. It's an excellent place for bikin an joggin. Thare is a resort hotel athin the pairk, wi facilities for sma business conventions.

Sister ceeties

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  1. QS Top MBA Rank 2008

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