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Rayones is a municipality in the Mexican state o Nuevo León. It is namit efter the Rayón brithers, who wu insurgent heroes o the kintra's unthirldom achievit in 1821. The toun wis foondit in 1852.

It is a sma veelage consistin o fowerteen streets, lyin in the middle o the Sierra Madre Oriental muntain range, in the northeast o Mexico. In the aurie near Rayones are the municipalities o Galeana (due sooth), Santiago (due north), an the state o Coahuila, due wast. Rayones marks the beginnin o the Zona Ixtlera, the soothmaist region o the state o Nuevo León.

Access tae Rayones is difficult. The main heich-gate, comin frae Montemorelos, is a challenge for maist drivers. The unpaved heich-gate comin frae Galeana is even mair risky, as it is a twa-wey road whaur anerlie ane vehicle fits; it is rocky, lined bi a dangerous cliff an haes nae guard rail.

Rayones, housomeivver, is a touristic delicht for affroad enthusiasts who traivel lang distances frae the state's caipital, Monterrey, crossin the Pilón river, the toun's primary watter soorce. Several lodgin places surroond the toun, an the local hotel accommodates the convoys. The municipality haes some interestin laundmerks sic as La Cebolla (the Onion), a hilltop wi a pleasurable scenic owerview.

Extensive pecan tree plantations in the region bring prosperity tae Rayones; pecans bein the main product commercializit bi locals. The traditional 'Feria de la Nuez' or Pecan Fair is held annually as a tourist attraction an a merchant exchynge, wi traditional dances an exhibitions affered an aw.