Salinas Victoria

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Salinas Victoria
Cultura, Fidelidad, Trabajo
Coordinates: 25°58′N 100°18′W / 25.967°N 100.300°W / 25.967; -100.300
StateNuevo León
FoonditNae precise date, atween 1586 or 1587
 • MayorRebeca Lozano Débora ( PRI)
 • City1334.20 km2 (515.14 sq mi)
464 m (1,522 ft)
 • City27,848
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

Salinas Victoria, is a municipality locatit tae in the centre o the state o Nuevo León, Mexico. It shares borders wi 11 municipalities includin, tae the north Villaldama an Sabinas Hidalgo; tae the sooth Escobedo an Apodaca; tae the east Higueras, Ciénega de Flores an General Zuazua; an feenally tae the wast wi Mina, Hidalgo, Abasolo an El Carmen.

Salinas Victoria's extension is 1,334.20 square kilometers. Accordin tae the 2005 census, it haes a population o 27,848 fowk [1].

Oreegin o the name[eedit | eedit soorce]

"Salinas" (Spaingie for salt mairshes) wis chosen acause the lands present saline characteristics. "Victoria" efter the first Mexican preses Guadalupe Victoria.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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