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Municipality an toun
Hualahuises is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 24°56′21″N 99°42′24″W / 24.93917°N 99.70667°W / 24.93917; -99.70667
Kintra Mexico
StateNuevo León
Municipal seatHualahuises
 • Total5,398

Hualahuises is a sma toun in the state o Nuevo León, in northren Mexico. It serves as the admeenistrative seat for the surroondin municipality, wi which it shares a name.

The toun haes mony fowkloric things that hae been preservit ower the years. Hualahuises is dividit intae twa pairts: Santa Rosa an Hualahuises itself. Fowk livin there hae a reputation for being vera friendly an courteous.